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  1. Sony 600 Card Issues

    Im thinking that may be it, the card reader causing it. Anyone have a suggestion for a better quality reader? also where can I buy some replacement memory stick pro and and pro duo cards that are not china junk. I don't need real high capacity cards just quality.
  2. Sony 600 Card Issues

    Not a computer issue, it's the cameras or cards. I get reinsert card over and over in 600s or a couple other error messages. Ill check and write down the error messages.
  3. Sony 600 Card Issues

    I have 3 s600 cams and they have for me the most part stopped reading my cards. I hav tried all the tips in the past cleanig the cards with denatured alcohol and trying to clean the the reader out n I he camera. Sometimes it will work and wh n I check out he cam in a he field it won't read the card or reinsert card so that can't Ck for pics. I have similar issues with my 41s and 32s. I would buy more cards but I have in the past and I guess most are not original and some are pretty low quality. Are my cams just wearing out?Any suggestions? I have posted about this before and cleaning helped some but I'm about ready to give up and go commercial. Thanks
  4. Stand Off Length For Wa Yeti

    Thanks I found another flat wa and fixed it.
  5. Stand Off Length For Wa Yeti

    Oh yeah I forgot about raising the pir. I have a cam the squirrels or a wood pecker poked holes in the lens, thought Id upgrade. GUESS I'll see if I have a flat WA and just replace that. Thanks
  6. Anyone remember what size standoffs to use for one of Garys WA lens with a Yeti board? I think it was 3/8". Haven't been on here in a while, need to repair a few cams, Hope everyone is still doing good.
  7. D380 Flash Cap Question

    Interesting, I bought a 380 IR on here some time back and will likely just use a slave with it. I may have to rewire this cam and use a servo, it has a stereo jack now and so far I can't get it to turn on or fire fire with the wires to the jack. Does anyone know where to find the 380 hack pictures?
  8. I'm starting to have constant issues with most all my Sony 41-32-600 cams. Is there a way to clean the camera contacts with out disassembly? Many of my cams are old and cards too and some of my cards are probably knock offs but I'm having issues even with the old original 256 cards and new ones. I have cleaned the card contacts with denatured alcohol, any other ideas?
  9. Trouble Here Too P-41

    After using vinegar on the servo to dissolve the corrosion and cleaning and sanding the contacts she fired up again!!!!!! Thanks Johnny!! I also had a 600 that was buggered up and she fired up too!!
  10. Trouble Here Too P-41

    No I need to try you're suggestions. I'll try those and report back.
  11. I left my p-41 Ir/color out after turkey season and just pulled it last weekend. The cameras batterys and the externals were dead and the camera is too. I have tried the usual fixes, battery contacts reset button light whack to the heel of the hand... and nothing. I do see a little green corossion on the servo. Any ideas on whaat to look for? Bowgod did the hack and lenswork on this camera a few years ago and it looks perfect, I hate to even open it up. Killdee
  12. Fuji Jz250 With Ralph's Smt Board

    Thats a fine looking setup!!
  13. Max Jazz Card Size?

    Yeah What I thought but I'm having trouble with my day only Jazz and it may just be bad cards but it seems to start up faster with a 1 gb card. I may just buy some new 1gb cards.
  14. Max Jazz Card Size?

    I cant find my Jazz book and need to buy a couple of new SD cards, anyone remember the max size that can be used? Thanks