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  1. Price drop 50.00 bucks for all.... Get it out of here!!
  2. Would like to sell as a package if it doesnt sell that way I will split it up later
  3. Found these in the garage cleaning it out today, and I dont need them so figure I could use money for xmas for the kids instead.. 80 bucks shipped to your door. One Cannon OWL PF Date already hacked One Prima PF (no date) already hacked (same as an OWL PF overseas) One Cannon Snappy QT not hacked One Radio Shack 425 PIR
  4. arlow


    Thanks guys!!
  5. Good to see you too bud!! SPF = sold pending funds
  6. Here is the link to the instructions for the x-10 kits http://www.hagshouse.com/Instructions_Mods...nstructions.pdf These are the sony p32 boards
  7. I just stumbled apon two unused complete x-10 control board kits. I bought them on Hags a few years ago. I dont know if anyone uses these anymore so I thought I would offer them back up here. 25 bucks shipped
  8. arlow

    Meet Jake!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all the well wishes. I fixed the link to the pictures. Here it is again. http://community.webshots.com/album/519383232ncbcIW
  9. arlow

    Meet Jake!!!!!!!

    Some may have noticed I have been AWOL a few days or so. It was for a good reason. Wednesday Dec 7th my wife gave birth to a son. His name is Jake. He weighed in at 8 lbs 6 ozs and is very healthy. Our family is now complete and we look forward to our future adventures. Pictures can be seen here...... http://community.webshots.com/album/519383232ncbcIW
  10. arlow

    Attempted Cam Theft

    Maybe you had another cam on that property that is now missing........ Yea,,,yea thats the ticket.......
  11. arlow


    Come join in. Gangs all here.
  12. arlow

    Maybe Selling Camera

    This Mayville is just a young kid who doesnt have a complete grasp on reality. Mayville this isnt a bartering session. Reputable builders will stand by their cameras. I have sold a few and have had to refund one back simply cause the customer didn't like the setup. If your customer isnt happy you lose. Like the others say, build a few, get to know how they work and the intrinsics of putting them together in a neat and professional manner. It takes time and effort. There are too many good builders out here to purchase anything from someone who is as inexperienced as you are, and reluctant to stand behind his product. That is not an insult, just a fact. Put your bullheadedness aside and listen to the fine folks here. Nothing but good advice is being given to you. Do your homework and pay your dues and if then you want to sell cams I bet you will be able to make a camera that you have the confidence to stand behind. That confidence will be the result of knowledge and ability instead of the pipedreams filling your head now.
  13. arlow

    Nice MS buck

    Looks like a whitetail with mulie horns.
  14. arlow

    Do you add inches, pounds, or #'s to your harvest?

    I add inches and pounds to my waist from my kills, does that count?