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  1. Killet

    Couple S600 Builds for sale

    Post pics and prices please
  2. Killet

    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Hope you got enough turkey, I know I did!
  3. Killet

    Missing Members?

    Hello, I still check in from time to time also. not building as much as I was in the past, just using what I've built I guess. I do feel honored to be mentioned tho, always enjoy this site and the members here, one of the best on the web IMHO
  4. Killet


    Hoping for the best for you, please keep us posted, thoughts and prayers
  5. Killet

    Hunting Apps

    I also use Huntstand, although last year an update wiped out everything I had in it, all 53 stands on our club, now Im leary of doing updates on it. I like to use it to measure from point to point, as in, how far is the road from this dead deer if I go this way or that way. how far apart are stands, where is the best place to park to access this stand, etc, mostly on public land. On the club its easy to use to measure foodplots for planting. Huntstand seems to work best for me.
  6. Killet

    18650 for externals on s40

    Are you using the diode to reduce voltage?
  7. Killet

    18650 for externals on s40

    Thanks, I'll give this a shot
  8. Killet

    Finally, some new pics

    That would get the blood flowing
  9. Killet


    Hey, looky here!
  10. 60.00 apiece plus all the extras is a heck of a good deal!!
  11. Killet

    3M camo wrap material

    Neat, i can think of a few uses for this, thanks
  12. I need a cable for programming a Sony W290, I know I can get one off ebay for around 10 bucks but thought I would ask if anyone on here has an extra they want a few bucks for or trade for something. Some of you guys must have boxes of those lying around I need to connect mine to a tv, the screen doesnt work. I think I have an IR filter changer thing I bought for a dxg build then fixed the one I was planning to replace and have an unhacked dxg I would part with Thanks Frank
  13. Killet

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Terrible news, what is going on in this country