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  1. I used to get the shutter assembly boards for the 32 and 41's at hag house store but i can't seem to find the store. Does anyone know where i may beable to find them? Allen
  2. allen

    S600 Lens?

    a friend of mines mom has a 600. the problem is: when she turns the cam on the lens extends and keeps doing that, and will not stop until you turn the cam off any way to fix it? sony wants 110.oo she didn't pay that for the cam?
  3. allen

    Sss No Night Pics

    i tried it on 1sec all the way up to 3sec and it's a p41. 10 sec delay.
  4. allen

    Sss No Night Pics

    i have no night time pics on my SSS board. it is set for 24 hr operation. the funny thing is, when i bring it in the house in a dark room it works fine. i had a pile of apples out where the cam was set at, got deer during daylight but none during the night all the apples were gone. it got pic of me setting out th apples, coup[le of deer at the apples in the daylight and then it got a pic of me coming to check the cam???? any ideas why nothing at night?
  5. allen

    Questions From New Guy

    1) what is a thread ? ithink it is what i'm doing here or something you sew with 2) what is hijacking a thread ? when somebody starts a question and you take it over with one of yours or when somebody takes your thread to keep you from sewing 3) I posted a couple questions but they never got answered, were they that bad ? no such thing as a bad ? maybe we didn't have the answer
  6. allen

    Sss Question

    i thought it may have been the 9v also but when the 9v starts dying out it's supposed to start taking a pic every delay setting and it wasn't. but i did put a new one in and the same thing was happening. Allen
  7. allen

    Sss Question

    i have a board tht when i flip the on off switch the display comes up with black blocks, and the snapshot sniper logo comes on but the features are very dim and it will not shutter a picture when plugged into the camera can anybody help me out with this problem Allen
  8. allen

    Snap Shot Sniper

    what is your shutter speed set on?
  9. allen

    customer service

    Gary is great to work with, he's helped me with alot of questions. he offered to give me one of his trailcams if i would send back the old chip. i told him that was ok i'll just send it back. Allen
  10. allen

    not understanding lanc

    will any sony trv65 work or do they need to manufacted before a certian date?
  11. allen

    not understanding lanc

    This is my plan and tell me what you think of it. since this a family cam chances are that the wife is not going to let me use it for deer. i could probly just use it as a day camera but like you said i probly would like to see what is happening 24 hrs. i'm going to try and find one of the cameras that you had mentioned above and build a complete ir unit with it. what is a going price of those cams? i'd rather use one of those instead of trying to modify a new one to get the night pics. i'm not real familar with tearing them apart. another option that i wouldn't mind playing around with is the neuros dvr set up, what's your opiniion on these? Allen
  12. allen

    not understanding lanc

    thanks for the great info. that really cleared up alot of my questions. i did take notice to that there is a night shot switch on my camera is that not the kind that your talking about. i have been reading alot of posts but you really made things alot brighter and easier for me to understand thanks for your help Allen
  13. allen

    not understanding lanc

    when you say video lanc controller is that the 2.5 jack that i use for my digital trail cams or is that the actual board that i would plug the lanc plug into? it also has a night shot switch, is that where i would need the servo motor to turn it on and off for infrared night video? would i beable to leave the night shot on all the time and use the ifnfrared spotlight at night or would my day time pictures be crappy?is the trv 340 a good camera to use or should i be looking into something else? do you think that by using the regular spot light not infrared, would that scare the deer to much at night? do you reccomend a video recorder? thanks for your help Allen