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  1. djc68

    Anyone gone to DV?

    txbowhunter, you are right that article went WAY over my head. I just figured maybe someone on here would understand it a little better than me. Also I found this link as well - Link - Look at the "BRCM Ir Command Module" also it looks like they do custom solutions for the Neuros. I will contact them and see what they can do.
  2. djc68

    Anyone gone to DV?

    Check this out .... Explanation of remote recording
  3. djc68

    Power Requirements D-380

    I thought so....just wanted to make sure....THANKS!!!
  4. Does the internal batteries in the 380 put out 6 volts or 3 volts? TIA
  5. I recently put together a pix le board and a d380 IR with slave flash. I am using the always on method for the camera. Anyways, when I set it up and walk by it, it will take a photo. And then I walk away for about an hour and come back the memory card is full. It took like 60 pictures in less than an hour. I have the sensitivity turned down to about 2-3 0'clock on the dial. All this testing was done in my closet with no heat present. Please help.....TIA....
  6. djc68

    Vivitar 2800

    Just to let everyone know, the 2800's are selling at good prices on ebay...
  7. djc68

    My Cheap IR cam

    Thanks...What kind of flash controller did you use? I was thinking of using the pix slave controller until one is ready from hags house.
  8. djc68

    My Cheap IR cam

    Hey 212, you stated that you are using a vivitar 2800. I purchased one from ebay last week. Do you have any instructions on how to modify the board. Is the electronics the same as the 2000. I know it has a auto off feature. Thanks...
  9. djc68

    Well here it is! 1st cam.

    Good job...Congrats.. :cool:
  10. djc68

    1060 demo case done

    Very nice cases...I like the camo pattern..
  11. djc68

    My Cheap IR cam

    Hey 212, I see in the Ebay page that you are from La Vernia, TX. Cool...I am from Schulenburg, TX. You know where that is?
  12. djc68

    Looking for an SKS

    Thanks for the replies....I will be going to a gun in the near future...Thanks
  13. Nice bucks....you will have something to look forward to next year....but remember they shoud be bigger.... :cool:
  14. djc68

    Red tint to LCD display

    I have a D380 and it also has a red tint to the LCD display. Can't tell in the photos the camera produces....
  15. djc68

    Looking for an SKS

    Looking for an SKS to do some hog hunting. What kind should I buy. I was looking at a Russian made. Also what is the price that I should expect to pay?