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  1. I killed one here in NC last year that was 55 Lbs.
  2. Nov 3 Pull

    You have some good looking bucks there!
  3. Young Deer? Or Cull Buck?

    Looks young to me too.
  4. Warm Weather Is Complicating...

    Same thing going on here, temp 77 and the deer moving at night.
  5. Camset Switches

    This may help.
  6. Bigfoot/503

    I had one that wouldn't work because the cam switch settings were wrong.;a503\
  7. H55 At The Lake

    That's some serious flooding!
  8. Buck Knives

    Great knives and made in the USA.
  9. Cards And A New Charger Needed

    There are two different POWEREX models in the links. One is AA, AAA and the other is AA, AAA, C, and D.
  10. Cards And A New Charger Needed

    I have a POWEREX also. It works great.
  11. Late Season Sony Cams

    I like the piebald. I have only seen two or three around where I hunt.
  12. S600 Fast Hack Repair-advice

    What are the switch settings on the back of the board?
  13. Otterbox 3250

    From what I read, they quit making them because other companies were coping them.