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  1. I know some of builders perfer the rope seal and do not use the orignal bladder - seal that comes with the 1040, i need 2 of them if someone has any they dont need just let me know what u want for them, thanks.
  2. Larry

    S600 Settings

    Yes fast hack.
  3. Larry

    S600 Settings

    no! what jumper?
  4. Larry

    S600 Settings

    I have never or hacked a S600 so i don't know anything about it , i had a chance to purchase a complete build with yeti board , i cant get it to go into the program mode it just keeps giving me lens error turn off and turn on again, how can i get it to go to program mode?
  5. Thanks Joe, Got a lot of good ones this year i will try to upload some. this the only one i could get to load
  6. Larry

    P41 Problem, Help

    Yes, there is power getting to the board at the plug, but from there i get lost on what to do i dont know where to check next, with the DC plug it works just fine
  7. Larry

    P41 Problem, Help

    I have a p41 that will not power up form the (good battery's) battery's, but will power up and work just fine when you useing the DC plug with the sony DC wall adapter, what could be the problem?
  8. Larry

    Servo Wires

    tbass where did you get the little plugs and sockets? i need some very small
  9. Larry

    Ir Materials

    I need a 3"x 6" piece,
  10. I have never done a slave flash but am getting ready to try one i have got a vivitar 2800 has 2 boards in it can someone tell me what other parts i have to get to and what boards will run it and make this work? i will be using a P52
  11. Larry

    Plano Cases

    Yes it is much cheaper than running all over looking for them i live in the country and gas is not cheap and these come right to your door and he will even work with you on private deals and shipping he is a great guy to deal with here is his email ( jlc83cm@yahoo.com ) just contact him and he is willing to work out something
  12. Larry

    Plano Cases

    I found the plano boxes on ebay at a great price and a great seller to do buisness with, he has verry fast shipping. i dont know how to post the link but i will give you the item # 170444801736 you can copy and paste, he has other sizes from time to time too. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=170444801736