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  1. I got this one on Thanksgiving morning. He dressed out at 173#'s
  2. nboost

    Cat in my live trap

    Yea she was real freindly. Pic is fuzzy as I fliched when she growled.
  3. I got this one last night in my trap. It is a female and has some pretty spots.
  4. nboost

    Homemade live trap

    Well I have had 2 traps out for a couple of days. I finally caught something a big'ol coon. Notice where he stuck his arms out of the front of the cage and dug a huge hole. I had said we will see how tough they are when I catch a coon. They held up great.
  5. nboost

    Homemade live trap

    They doors have a lock on them. They won't open from animal. After you catch them if they are mature they get a .22. If not I open the door and let them go. I have done it several times. They will run out of there pretty fast. As for price It all depends on how white the bellie is, real spotted or not. They bring from $75.00 up to $350.00. We have alot of cats here. We can take 20 per season. I have called in 4 in the last month from the exact same spot.
  6. nboost

    Homemade live trap

    Yes after some trial and error the door gaps were a little to big. I weld some more cross/ braces in there and seem to be perfec now. Time will tell. I have my homebrew video setup on one to see if i need any changes. I am guessing about $60.00 apiece I made a couple of more for a friend a year ago that have a diff. trigger and door. He has caught 6 Bobcats already. This guilatine sp? door/ trigger and lock is much better.
  7. nboost

    Homemade live trap

    Well Abby the cat was ok, but my 9 year old daughter was not happy with me LOL.
  8. I built a couple of live/ cage traps this weekend. They are 10x18x36. Pretty simple trigger. I will set them out this weekend and see how I do. P.S. I caught the family cat several times and seems to work good.
  9. OMG I think I just ruptered my spleen from all those comments.
  10. nboost

    Coyote eating apples

    Predators are very smart animals. This sums it up pretty well "A pine needle fell in the forest. The eagle saw it...the deer heard it...the bear smelled it....the coyote did all three." They say when you blow a predator call. 90% of the time a predator will respond to it, but only 30% of the time you will see it before it see's or smells you. You'all never even know it came and left. I like it for the challenge. 10x harder than Deer hunting.
  11. nboost

    Latest Bobcat Picture

    Now I want to see a after pic. Grab a call and get to work.
  12. nboost

    More fur down

    Carll Fox pro's are good calls. One of my friends has one. The only complaint is the battery life on them. I get 4-5 days worth of calling. Where he will get 1 day of calling before having to recharge the batteries. Either way they are both very good calls.
  13. nboost

    More fur down

    Thanks all I was just told the other day when you have multiples come in shoot the lead dog and the use a hurt pup sound and one or all might come back to check it out. It is a Minaska call. Best call I have used. WWW.minaskaoutdoors.com
  14. Called this one in last Thursday. He came with 4 Coyotes running as fast as they could to the call. He was the only one I got as the other left the state when the 22-250 went off.