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  1. ghoot

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  2. ghoot

    Troubleshoot LCD board

    Hmm, maybe try reflowing the solder connections on the board. Is this an old board?
  3. ghoot

    Troubleshoot LCD board

    Does it detect motion in walk test mode?
  4. ghoot

    Sad news from Yetinme

    Wow that's horrible. Praying for him.
  5. ghoot

    Back up and doin good

    That stinks man. My wife starting having symptoms of that the 2nd day. That chemo is some nasty stuff!
  6. ghoot

    Back up and doin good

    We probably have some of those same books, but I don't think she has finished the first one that I bought her, LOL. Sounds like you guys may have had the same chemo, she had the pump too. I think it was 5FU. What's crazy to me is that drug is like 50-60 years old. I thought we were supposed to be making big breakthroughs in cancer treatment, but seems this old drug is the most common chemo used. On a positive note, her stomach has been burning for about a year so she was taking protonix for acid reflux. If she forgets it for one day then the burning is back. Well, she noticed a few days ago that she had forgot to take in for a couple of days and was fine. So it has been 5-6 days now and no burning. So, we are hopeful that the Fenbendazole in the dog wormer is working! She has been on it about 8-9 weeks, and that seems to be when people on the Facebook page start seeing results as well.
  7. ghoot

    Back up and doin good

    She's doing pretty good. She did her first round of chemo a couple of weeks ago and was severely sick for a week. She decided she won't do it again. She was supposed to do it every two weeks. So basically, she would be miserable the rest of her life, since the chemo can't cure it. We are still doing the Joe Tippin's protocol that I emailed you about. We are hopeful about it. They have a Facebook page and several people have been posting good results. Even stage 4 patients are getting good results and some are completely clear.
  8. ghoot

    Back up and doin good

    Dang man, sorry to hear you had to go through all of that, but glad to see you back!
  9. ghoot

    Auto on camera

    Have you checked for continuity across the switch to see if it's working like a normal opened switch?
  10. ghoot

    Paradise Fire

    Dang George, that is terrible. Hoping and praying that you and the family are OK.
  11. Same to you Vic, and all of the Hags House family.
  12. ghoot

    My New Micro W55/ssii Cam

    I have a link to the E377 hack that Dave did on my site: www.snapshotsniper.com/PDFS/Final_HP_E337_MODIFICATION.pdf
  13. ghoot

    Card full - program end Coding

    We love the new place, but I gotta build a shop. All I have right now is a little storage building with no power, and it is full of stuff, so I'm really not able to work on any projects right now. I run an extension cord out there and squeeze in to do some soldering if I need to, but it's a sucky work environment. Have to roll the lawnmower out just to squeeze in to do orders. LOL Mama is on board for building a shop though, so I'm about to get the permits and get started building. YESSS!!! Sounds like you have found some pretty good cams there, especially with the great battery life. Holler if you need anything.
  14. ghoot

    Card full - program end Coding

    Hey George, Yeah, you are on the right track. At the top where you declare variables, do something like: symbol TimeToEnd = b1 'Use a BYTE (b1) here if the number is between 0 and 255. If it's larger, then use a WORD (w1). 'Words can go up to 65535. This is explained on page 13 of picaxe_manual2 TimeToEnd = 50 'Number of videos to record Then in your code, right after the camera gets turned off do something like this: b1=b1+1 if b1 >= TimeToEnd Then b1=0 End EndIF
  15. ghoot

    Crypto currency

    Started going to the casino a few months ago. So far I have made more there than in the stock market. Shows you what kind of investor I am. LOL. Sounds interesting though, but chances are about 99% that I'll pick the worst one.
  16. ghoot

    Been a long time coming

    I think the voltage coming out of the 14 pin chip should be about half of the voltage that you are running the circuit off of. So say you are running on 5V, you should be getting roughly 2.5V. So something above that would make the picaxe pin go HIGH and below that would make it go LOW.
  17. ghoot

    Been a long time coming

    What did you have to change on programming your PICAXE?
  18. ghoot

    4K Action Cam

    Thanks for the help on the code Ralph. Did you use the DXG 125 program? Did you have to increase the time to hold power to shut it off?
  19. ghoot

    Unbelievable, how things change

    Dang man, didn't know you were going through all of that, but sure glad that you are still with us! Have you ever looked into fasting? I saw a show the other day on Netflix or Amazon about fasting and how it can kill cancer cells and also makes them more susceptible to the chemo treatments. Was really interesting. Of course after losing all of that weight, fasting is probably the last thing you need right now! Praying for you man.
  20. ghoot

    Problem with Samsung A402

    Increase the 1.5 sec delay to 3 and see how it goes. Then if that works you can try 2.
  21. ghoot

    Problem with Samsung A402

    buckhuntertrailcam, you mentioned the SSII, but you are using the LCD board correct?
  22. ghoot

    SSI withFuji J10 not working

    Yes sir, that's the correct chip, and as JDH mentioned, the switch on the SS1 only turns off motion detection, not power to the board, so it will still refresh the camera. Has this one worked before, or are you just setting it up? Maybe shutter and power are swapped?
  23. ghoot

    SS board diagnosis

    No sir, don't think I have it.