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    3 wire servo connector

    looking for the male end connector already wired... the wires pulled out and I tried to do a fix, but it won't stay in. I will check with Gary, thanks!

    3 wire servo connector


    3 wire servo connector

    Does anyone have any of this style 3 wire servo connectors laying around to sell or know where to buy? The male side shown in the attached pic needs replaced and I'd hate to have to replace the wire set up in the P41 camera. My eyes and fingers don't work as good as they did when I built these 15 years ago.

    Hh1 Board Help

    I always try to set most my cameras at an angle towards the trail to get better detection. If you want a wider detection range, the only option would be to change the fresnel lens. The ones included are the only ones I've ever used in my homebrews.

    Hh1 Board Help

    First need to check the correct fresnel placement... if they are the ones that were complete then they should be ok. That lense does have a narrow detection range though. Below are cut and pasted from HH1 operating instructions. The fresnel lens is in the right orientation and centered. The fresnel lens is designed to be installed with the groove side of the lens facing the IR sensor and the lens centered over the IR sensor. Double check alignment of the fresnel lens to the IR sensor. Here's the suggested camera settings for optimal picture speed. Suggested Camera Settings: Sony DCS-P32 / P52 / P41: (Double Check Camera Settings When Deploying Trail Camera) *SEE NOTES BELOW Date / Time (On), Red Eye (Off), AF Illuminator (Off), Power Save (Off), Beep (Off), Focus (Infinity), ISO (400), Picture Quality (Standard), Flash Level (High), Leave the camera on Program Setting, LCD Screen (off). *Camera’s LCD screen is returned to default if camera is disconnected from the HH1 Complete Board for 2 hours or longer. *Camera’s LCD screen is returned to default if the HH1 Complete Board is powered off for more then 2 hours or longer. *Double check camera settings when deploying trail camera and return camera to off position after checking.
  6. This will be sold as one lot for now... I have 2 finished p32 w/ hags hh1 boards. One camera I used last year, only issue was the internal batts would not save settings when replacing the AA batts. The other gives an error code when powered up which I believe it to be the shutter sticking. Also included are 2 unfinished p32 w/ hh1 boards and lenses and adhesive tape to finish. They are hacked with the servo connector and the last time I tested would power up and take picture... I will test again to make sure. No memory cards included as I still use on my P41 set ups. It's been a long time since I've had time to build cams so I'm not sure what's fair price for this stuff... I will start at $200 TYD obo. Inside finished cams Unfinished camera

    Bat's Health

    good to hear you are doing better... prayers to a continued recovery

    Fantasy Football 2009

    Great season everyone... at least for some of us! Like last year, I start off at the low end of the pack in the playoffs and make it to the championship... thanks to NKYBOWHUNTER for taking out WI_Bowhunter last week or I'd be sitting in second. Looking forward to next year!

    Fantasy Football 2009

    Is it WHISKEYSWAMP? lol my team was horrible last year, but with some late season pick ups was able to finish 2nd in the playoffs...

    Fantasy Football 2008

    sign up and ready to go.

    Ok All You Regular Members, Check In!

    I'm not originally from Kenton but know it is named in honor of Simon Kenton although he never really lived here... He was one of main pioneers to explore the areas from Kentucky up to this area along State Route 68 (Simon Kenton Highway). His final residence was actually Urbana, Oh about 45 minutes south of here and is where he is buried. I haven't done a whole lot of research on him but have read The Frontiersman by Alan Eckert. It is a great book about him and one I couldn't put down once I started... i'd highly recommend it.

    Ok All You Regular Members, Check In!

    I used to be a regular but just haven't had the time lately... still check in from time to time. I haven't built a trail cam in 2 years but still have parts laying around to build a couple more... Ever since I bought a house 3 years ago I've spent most of my time on home projects. I do have my shop finished with a spot just to build cams. I hope to get back into it again soon. Good to see the familiar names still around.

    For Those With Remote Camps/no Elect

    I seen a rechargeable one at Walmart a while back and almost picked it up for camp. We just use one of the powerless push and pull type sweepers. It's older than dirt but still works.