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  1. ratsnest

    Peta Is Going To Get Me

    yep I still get a laugh here is some better links
  2. well at least i got some good video of the fire lol. one sony video cam all i found was the metal frame that held the tape ,fiberglass box it was in burns big time did have a nice buck on the cam that recorded the fire
  3. lost 3 cams to a control burn back in Feb.. this was on private land and was no real fault of anyone. it just happened game cam and control burn
  4. ratsnest

    Mechanical Heart Valve

    212 I've had one just like that for 17 years and 2 months. never missed a click
  5. ratsnest

    Roll Tide !

    Alabama Crimson Tide last 2 out of 3 National champs state Of Alabama 3 out of last 3 National Champs SEC 6 out of the last 6 National champs Next!!!!!!
  6. ratsnest

    Computer Wizards

    just a little FYI some older Dell's(maybe other to) have a somewhat problem with large hard drives. they will work but every time on boot up you will get a warning and will have to hit F1 before it will finish booting up. the problem I had with this was I had it on PC I was using for a security system and if it did a auto reboot from updates it would just set there until I saw it and hit F1. I got around this by going back to a 120g hard drive for the operating system and added the bigger (320g)as the secondary hard drive and set up the security software to save all data to it. This may not be a problem with yours but would not hurt to "google" and their maybe something you can change in the BIOS to fix the problem if it is.
  7. ratsnest

    Transfering Video To Ipod

    Duncan I'm sure about the Ipod but think it would be the same as a Iphone I had a old one that I used to play clips I had to use Itunes to load the video for it to work I use the free "Super" to convert not sure if I answered what you asked BUT ratsnest
  8. Backyard cam this setup is wireless to my house (100yrds) video is recorded on a PC using a video capture card when motion is detected it not only turns cam on but send me a snap shot to my phone via e-mail I can then (using phone app) watch the live video on my phone I can also take snap shots or record to my phone for later playback or view you can see why the doe ran off backyard cam video
  9. ratsnest

    Look What I Found In My Backyard

    Welcome ldockery I'm from just down the road in Cottondale our family pets (backyard deer ) showed up last night snap shot from video clip
  10. ratsnest

    Micro Dvr With Lanc

    good to hear from Brain not many use the Lanc stuff anymore (maybe just me and 212) I did a project somewhat like that a time back using a second Sony cam in VTR mode but that little DVR sounds interesting are you sending the VTR RECORD COMMAND 183A AND STOP COMMAND 1830 please keep us(or at least me) updated on this and any thing on LanC ratsnest
  11. ratsnest

    24-7 Live Feed Food Plot Cam

    sorry lam out of town will try to help next week
  12. ratsnest

    Looking For Help On Making A Webcam

    There is another option that could be better for you if you don't have 120v were you would like to have you cams. I have built a few systems that use either day/night security cams or Sony video cams and used video transmitters / receivers that run off a 12 volt battery and connect them to a Video capture card in my PC. Using security software I can record to my PC, let it send a snap shot to my smart phone and view live video with my phone. with this set up because of using a battery I use a PIR to turn the cam/transmitter on when there's motion for x amount of time (like with our game cams) I've used both this set up and web cams and and I thing I like this set up better. But that's me ratsnest
  13. ratsnest

    24-7 Live Feed Food Plot Cam

    If I may add my $.02 0n this Not only can you view live streaming video from home but most any were with your smart phone or a remote PC . with the Foscam I use IP cam viewer (Robert Chou) on my android. Setting the phone to view from with in your home net work is simple ,setting up to view from anywere you need to set up a free static IP address domain (I use DYNDNS) and do "portforwarding" in your router. Which takes about 30 mins. You can also set up the cam software to "on Motion" which the cam sees as a change in the Pixel pattern to send you a snap shot via E-mail and it will also record the event to a FTP or with something like Argus record to your hard drive. And if your cam has Pan/tilt you can operate those functions as well. ratsnest
  14. ratsnest

    Remote Mms Camera

    At 1st. glance of the spec. this cam take still shots when motion is detected but not in the way that game cams work with a PIR. the camera is always on and when it detects changes in the pixel pattern the way that security cam software does it send alarm, record, take pic. etc. so timing a slave flash to fire at the same time the pic is "taken" ant going happen I'm figuring the power supply that come with is a 120v ac to 24v ac ( what most web type cams use) so I guess you have 120v ac close by then you could use a 120v ac to 12v DC power supply to run a IR array that is on anytime it's dark. and if your going use the Pan/tilt then the array would need to turn with the cam. to be honest I've play with cam's much like this and after you spent time and money and maybe get it to work you may not be very happy with the pictures you get. just a ole man rambling ratsnest
  15. ratsnest

    Happy Birthday Ratsnest(58),

    thanks guys had a great day Sorry I've kinda drifted away from this site taking a little break meet a lot of great people here and made some life long friends people I may never meet in person but I fill like there family all the best ratsnest