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  1. pntfrmr

    Jonj5a Board And Vivitar 2000 Problem

    I have one that does this and use a piece of aluminum heating tape stuck to the case around the flash gasket and it never misses a shot now.
  2. pntfrmr

    Black Ir ?

    Well i have got to reply to this. I bought a moltrie back in 98 the only commercial cam i have ever owned until this year. I have about a dozen ir 370s a couple of s600 and a couple of jazz yet to build. Now i bought a buckeye apollo xir for a decent price and tried it in dec. Bought another one two weeks ago and will buy another if i can still get the same price in two weeks. True .2 of a second pic. If you want pics to put on the wall to look at stick with a s600. If you want pics of the old bucks without spooking them out of the country them buy a buckeye or reconyx xir. The deer never will know they are there if you use good scent control when placing them. Plus as obh pointed out battery life is out of this world they use the same battery i use in my 370's and will out last my 370's by 6 months. I guess it shows i am fairly impressed by these cams. But i use cams for one purpose and that is to pattern my big bucks don't care to put a pic in a magazine are on the wall, just want to know where,when, and not alerted that i am in the area.
  3. Got mine in the mail today. Thanks very much.
  4. pntfrmr

    Bf Slaveflash Board

    If i understand your question you are thinking of using a 6 volt sla battery to run both the cam and the slaveflash from, is this correct. I have several d370 and 380's setup this way, using jon's flash boards. If you are going to do this then you will probably need a resistor in line with the slave battery feed to protect it from voltage surges. I have my first bf slave flash on the way as i am typing. so i would ask dave whether this will need a resistor or if you can even run it this way.
  5. pntfrmr

    Before And After Pics

    Quick update sent the jawbone to odwc for aging. They called today and said he was 3.5 yr.old. this verifies what the camera has been telling me as i have pics for the last 3 yrs.
  6. pntfrmr

    Before And After Pics

    Congrats Beautiful buck, and well earned in those conditions.
  7. pntfrmr

    2008 Archery Buck

    CB That is one awsome buck. With all the character and a two year chase to boot. Great memory's!
  8. congrats teebo great buck, i love those tall tine 8 pters.
  9. pntfrmr

    Wounded Buck Question

    If it was just in the leg he will recover, the buck i shot in the post earlier i had wounded in the right shoulder on the 1st of october.
  10. pntfrmr

    My Biggest Bow Kill

    Congrats Nice buck.
  11. pntfrmr

    Before And After Pics

  12. pntfrmr

    Before And After Pics

    here is a pic of the score card
  13. pntfrmr

    Before And After Pics

    will today and post score after lunch.
  14. pntfrmr

    Before And After Pics

    Yes it the same buck i just was in a hurry and didn't get a head on shot after harvest so you can't see the kickers like in the before pic.
  15. Have had and interesting start this year. I hit this buck opening day at sunset tracked him for 3 hours and lost trail. Three days later he is back at camera with just a slight limp in right front leg. 3 weeks later have him at 4 yards and bow drawn when a rabbit crosses trail at camera and spooks him off. Last night with about 10 minutes of legal shooting light i double lung him. Three hours and 350 yards later we found him in a very thick cedar thicket the last 100 yards we were on our hands and knees it was so thick. But it was all worth it my biggest to date.