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  1. farmdude

    Opening Day Rifle Buck In South Dakota

    thanks all!! now the butchering...my son Nick gave me a mulie so I have 2 big deer to process why are all the deer so fat this year? my son has heard deer from all over US have been exceptionally fat usually the bucks when in rut burn it all off but not this year...fat on mulie buck Nick gave me had about 1.3 inches on rump...usually the bucks are free of fat...same for doe's...which is kinda normal here
  2. farmdude

    Opening Day Rifle Buck In South Dakota

    good and bad in all this good that I filled bad cause the hunt is over for me:( 2.5 hours is all
  3. farmdude

    Opening Day Rifle Buck In South Dakota

    my son says he saw a waay bigger guy a few days ago
  4. GOT lucky...was on way home about 9:30 AM and this guy jumped up...about 300 yrd shot..25-06 he made it about 30 yrds. and laid down and died...big bodied deer...maybe older deer going down hill? just a 3x4 but I'm estatic!!!!!\ no pics on homebrews of this guy...sorry freezing rain this AM...had a heck of a time getting up ramp to the house....slipprier then all get out....had to pull myself up by grabing rail on the deck (house chair)...my all terrain chair went right up when I came from shop after the boys did my deer..thanks guys!!!!! big guy he was... but he won't grow anymore...just in the stories lol
  5. farmdude


    will check it....thanks
  6. farmdude


    567v..put good new lithiuns in board and 567v...neither helped
  7. farmdude


    what can be done when dxg turns on but will not turn off? seems to work sensing motion/heat but after recording the dxg stays on....what's the problem?
  8. farmdude

    Close Enough?

    double bull modified for wheelchair access
  9. farmdude


    in my Jazz 150 it says "card loacked" tried different cards and made sure they unlocked....no luck...suggestions please
  10. farmdude

    Hope He Walks By

    my first year with crossbow...hope I'm dialed in by the time he walks by
  11. farmdude

    Dxg Question

    so then it should be this?