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  1. tree sight

    Tri Wing Screw Driver?

    Proskit.com-$2.86, not sure on what size #0 or #00. Get them both.
  2. tree sight

    Fuji J10 Went Dead

    If you think the battery door has something to do with it, then it may be the kill switch of the camera that keeps one from pulling the card when the camera is powered on. Look for a finger on the door that would cycle the switch that will be on one of the circuit boards. it is nearly hidden. If the switch looks damaged in some way you can disable it by pulling it apart, but you will lose the safety feature. This has been my experience on the F series anyway, have not had a J. ts
  3. tree sight

    Prayer Request For Bat

    Good to here from you Bat. Garden can wait, you'll be back at it soon enough. Take care bud.
  4. tree sight

    Vivitar 2800 Question- Dkirk Help !

    I believe that's the trigger coil and yes it is needed. Can what ever broke off be soldered back on? The coil should have three legs. One for ground. One inline with the circuit and one to the trigger wire running to the tube. ts
  5. tree sight

    A503ir Predator Pics

    Looks like a fawns face looking into the camera under the body at the bottom edge of the picture. Kind of small though compared to the body. Maybe the dirty dog has got two in his trap. ts
  6. tree sight

    Score Your Buck

    If your reference measurement is just a little off then the final score can be off by quite a bit. I was not that impressed. Better then nothing if you have no clue. ts
  7. tree sight

    Point And Shoot Cams

    How fast is fast? Canon a720is is right at a 2 second shooter. An older camera and only 8 mp but takes a very good picture. 6 optical power. ts
  8. tree sight

    I See Its Tcscout's 54th Birthday

    Happy belated birthday Roger. How's that ticker doing. take care. ts
  9. tree sight

    New Ir Material

    BHPhoto and Rosco sell color gel filters but I am not sure about finding the right combination. Another one is GamProducts (gamonline.com). I have tried this before and typically you will see a brighter signature (red glow) but if you add more layers to reduce the glow then you are more then likely knocking down the amount of ir that is able to pass through because of reflection due to the multiple surfaces. I don't think the gel filters transmission of ir is as high as glass to begin with. Filters to try at Gam might be #250 medium red xt - #855 blue jazz. You may also want to add a green filter to block the small transmission of blue and ultra violet the red and blue filters let pass through #655 rich green should help with that. Hope this helps. ts
  10. tree sight

    Received Soil Test Today From Biologic

    Looks like to me that about 100 lbs of lime would be what you need for the 30'x30' plot you have now. But when you increase it to 1 acre its going to be 50 times that. Bucks need there calcium and phosphorus to grow bone so have at it. Good luck. ts
  11. tree sight

    W50 Ir Settings

    BG02, I am not sure that this will work on the older cams because the cut filter is thicker and would require more adjustment travel then each technique will allow. Maybe the two together would work but I am not sure there are bosses on the ccd assembly of the older cams. It seems to me if I remember correctly that the frame around the ccd is smooth on the face and the bosses are on the lens assembly back side that it is mounted to. Much harder to get to if that is the case. ts
  12. tree sight

    W50 Ir Settings

    Here we have the ccd and flex cable assembly. You will file down the bosses on the plastic frame that goes around the ccd. But more then likely you will need to shim part of the material removed back to get the best focus. One tip I will add here and that is to use a slave flash when working on the focus of a camera even if you intend to use it without one in your build. It will bring out much more detail and just makes it better to evaluate your focus adjustments. ts
  13. tree sight

    W50 Ir Settings

    That does not look to bad but a little more flash power will bring out more detail I believe. This is a picture of the lens assembly if you want to experiment with the focus. Just extend the lens and pull the battery. You do not need to break the assembly down like shown in the pic. Remove the face cap and two screws that hold the door closure assembly and there is probably some glue to remove that is holding the lens adjustment in position. It looks like in the picture that you will need to turn the adjustment ccw to seat the objective closer to the ccd. This is a coarse adjustment so one notch at a time here. If this does not work for you then I have another way but more tedious. ts
  14. tree sight

    W50 Ir Settings

    Have you tried moving the ccd closer to the lens, or moving the objective lens closer to the ccd? If you have removed the cut filter and the focus is not satisfactory, then these two approaches may help. To move the ccd closer you will file down the bosses on the plastic frame that is around the ccd and to move the objective closer there is an adjustment that can be made to the lens that is under the face cap and door closure assembly. ts
  15. tree sight

    Lens Question / Test

    I have a feeling that with the f stop a 1.4 it will let to much light in during the daytime. Guess we will see, hope not. Good luck with it. ts