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  1. all4abuck

    These Walmart Cases

    I used silicon grease on my gaskets. It keeps them from cracking and seals better. Never use petroleum based lubes as they will cause deterioration of Nitrile and EPDM rubber, or even thermoplastic elastomers.
  2. all4abuck

    TRV36 problems

    After an extend time in the filed, 2.5 months, I noticed some moisture in the case. Checked and the the type was full. But when tried to replay, I was getting lines through thendisplay with a shaky image. Then tried to clean the heads with one of those recorder cleaner cassettes. I got error messages. C:31:20, C:31:00, C:32:00, and finally C:31:42. The cleaning tape and then the actual tape got stuck a few times and had to power down and up to get it to work. Looks like it cannot read the tapes well, including the ones I know that are OK. Is this cam salvagible or should I just look for a used on on eBay?
  3. all4abuck

    Owl date not putting date on pic

    Thanks. it was the contacts. They were covered with dirt from once dropping the cam in the mud while changing film in the field. Thought I had it cleaned, but I guess not good enough. Thanks again.
  4. all4abuck

    Owl date not putting date on pic

    I read there are contacts that could corrode. Are these the cell battery contacts or are there other components taht I should check. i have the battery changed, and the date setting has a bar on it, but still not date/time stamp on the pics. I checked the film itself on a darker pic (lighter film) and still do not see anything. Can the LED that creats the stamp go bad? Is there a way to check it?
  5. all4abuck

    P32 power issues

    P32 has been hooked up to 5 Cs and is still working fine. The LCD however seems to be on all the time, with a white screen. The voltage across the batteries seems to be holding steady so far. Any idea why a P32 would not come on and function with 2 AAs would function just fine with 5 Cs?
  6. all4abuck

    P32 power issues

    I have removed the SA, so I do not believe that is the issue. The only way cam works sofar is by hooking up 5 C batteries to the external power port. Brand new batteries in the cam will just get it blink or beep. Cannot get the fuses shorted and press the power button at he same time Is there a trick to this? Don't want to solder over them without knowing which is the bad one.
  7. all4abuck

    P32 power issues

    Well after doing a search there seems to be a good bit of info on this issue in a number of posts. A few indicated that the 3 or 4 fuses might be the problem. I'll try to short across them to see if any luck.
  8. all4abuck

    P32 power issues

    I brought back a P32 from the woods that won't power up with just 2 AA batteries of any kind. I have tried brand new Alkalines, etc, and all I get is a momentary power LED on, a beep and goes of. But if I hook up 3 AAs, it goes a little farther, with startup display and then powers off. 4 AAs will allow the cam to come on in the review or setup mode but as soon as switching to pic or movie mode it stays on for a few seconds, I get the low battery signal with LED flashing and it goes off. If I quickly turn the flash off, it will stay on for a while and will take and save a few pics before it dies out. Then I hooked up 5 C batteries. With this the LCD looks white when the cam is off!!! But it will turn on and take pictures and save with no problem. Just not sure I want to leave it hooked up to 5 Cs, knowing that something is wrong. Probably will discharge over time. Has anyone seen this issue before? Is it the flash module/capacitor shorted that is draining all the power? Is it the fuse? I have checked all the ribbon cables and they seem to be all OK and seated well.
  9. all4abuck

    What do they look like?

    I can tell what clover looks like, but that's about it . Is there a site on the web with pictures of various foodplot plants, such as sorghum, iron/clay peas, brassica, chicory, etc?
  10. all4abuck

    Weeds & Whitetail Extreme

    I started my first food plot this year with a 1/4 acre field that I had cleared out in the thick woods. It gets plenty of sunshine and the soil test came back with a 6.4 pH. Since the area is all clay soil with very little organic layer, typical of SE Ohio, I chose whitetail extreme based on all the advertisement they had about it being hardy and could grow in poor soils. Got a 5.6lb bag that was supposed to be good for 1/4 acre. After tilling and spreading about 160lbs of lime, I spread the seed. It looked very sparse and kind of thin for 1/4 acre. I used a walk behind broadcast spreader. Then drove over it with the ATV to get seed-soil contact, while spreading a lawn starter fertilizer. This was about a month ago. We have received over 1.5" of rain till now. What I have so far is 80% weeds of all kinds, a few patches of clover, and some clover that looks like has been browsed to roots by deer and rabbits. Trailcam setup at the site shows a lot of activity. But not much of a food plot is left. Things I should have done:  Sprayed with Round-up, waited a week, tilled, waited a week, and sprayed again. Then disked.  Probably needed to double the seed amount. 10 lbs. per 1/4 acre?  Should have used a 0-xx-xx type of fertilizer with no nitrogen, since it promotes weed growth and clover doesn't need it.  Dragged or cultipacked the soil after seeding.  Setup a fence or some other means of keeping the deer away. Have I missed any thing? For now, to salvage what is left, I sprayed with Arrest to try to control the weeds, and hung some aluminum tray liners from short posts driven in the ground at 45 degrees hoping the shine and noise will keep the critters away until the plot comes back to life. It might be too late, but it is also too late for reseeding. Got to wait till fall for that. Let me know if you have any suggestions on what else I can do to salvage what’s left, or perhaps re-planting.
  11. all4abuck

    handgun hunters?

    I usually hunt with my Taurus 454, but I just got a 460XVR 8 3/8 this year and like how it shoots. Going to give it a try this year. You can shoot 45LC or 454 with it also. But the 200 grain 460 S&W from hornady are just fine until I get my reloading gear together. I got a Burris 2x7 with Posilock on it, using 4 mag rings and a steel mount. Nothing has moved so far, after about 230 shots. Recoil is better than my 454 Taurus, but the muzzle blast without hearing protection is painful
  12. all4abuck

    D370 Flash Issue

    When I turn on the D370 the green light blinks for a minute or so, if the batteries are fresh, before coming on, if it does at all. Then if try to take pic green led starts blinking again and the cam shuts off. However if I set to NO-flash, the cam will snap pics and works fine. I thought it was the capacitor, so I changed the big cap with a cap from another D370 I had for parts. No change. Same issue. Looks to me that the cap is not getting charged and thus the blinking led, indicating flash recharge. Has anyone ran into this problem and is there a solution?
  13. all4abuck

    Food plot and roads

    I just did something similar last weekend. My 1/4 acre food plot looks like your last picture. Since I am doing this alone, I didn't get to do the roads. I was also worried about the shade from trees on the sides of the road. Are you planing to cut some back? What are you planting on the roads?
  14. all4abuck

    D370 problem

    I switched the big capacitor with a cap from a D370 I am using for parts. No change. This time I am only reading about 8.5 volts across the cap, during the LED blink and after it goes off. The LED blinks for about 30sec, as if the flash is trying to charge and then it goes off. I also did the wet finger test and it didn't zap me. If it is not the cap, then it must be the charging circuit. I wounder what other parts I can swap out....??
  15. all4abuck

    D370 problem

    What could be the reason for flash not charging? I measured about the 11volts across the big cap. Is that what it should be?