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  1. flintlocker

    Hey There And A Little Help

    Hi Folks. I stop in occasionally. Things are going well and I hope the same for you. For those on Facebook, I would appreciate a "Like" of the elk photo linked below. It is for the 2015 Pennsylvania Elk Expo commemorative patch. The winner is based on a popular vote contest base on number of "Likes" to his photo. I make nothing from this but use it to benefit the Keystone Elk Country Alliance, a non-profit wildlife conservation organization that does lots of amazing things in Pennsylvania. Please help me make this happen. Thanks all!! Link to vote with "Like"
  2. flintlocker

    Prayers For Flintlocker

    Thanks everyone. Someone gave me a heads-up regarding the post here. Been a while since I have been on but do check in every once in a while. I really don't know what to say. One second she was here, the next gone. It happened that fast. Appreciate the people you are with on a daily basis.
  3. flintlocker

    Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show

    I work 10 minutes from it. If you have never been there it's worth it.
  4. flintlocker

    Little Help Needed For Fellow Hunter

    Was digging through some old posts. Have not been on in a while. Yes, I won that contest and they received the entire prize. Thanks to all those that helped (even if it's almost 2 yrs ago)
  5. flintlocker

    3 Wire Servo Needed

    Been out of the loop for quite a while. I need to replace a 3 wire servo with the micro 3 wire servos that Hags used to carry. Had thin, real flexible wires. Who carries them for sale now? Thanks
  6. flintlocker

    Pictures I Got In A Email

    Seen the pics a couple years ago. Been around...
  7. flintlocker

    Houston, Mo Area Hunting

    Tinhorn country!!!! Cool! LOL This is a list minute hunt for me. I know some guys that went out last year. There are headed out again but one cannot go due to medical reasons. He called me Sunday morning asking if I was interested. I don't have to get a huge buck to be happy. A good time is all that is asked for.
  8. Headed to Houston Missouri area to hunt the week before Thanksgiving. Never been there. Can anyone tell me about the area? What might I expect? Private land hunt.
  9. flintlocker

    Contest Open To All Hagshouse Members

    I came back to see this? LOL Congrats Chris.
  10. Will the P32 cameras work with the short 8GB memory stick pro with adapter? Thanks, Flint
  11. flintlocker

    Happy Birthday Hill Hopper

    You would look good in a turban. LOL Happy b-day you ole fart.
  12. flintlocker

    Little Help Needed For Fellow Hunter

    Thanks everyone. It will be greatly appreciated. The folks at HuntingPA had a rally going yesterday around lunchtime that increased the lead. I just checked it and it is over 20% heading into the home stretch. About 38hrs left in the contest and we are not taking the lead for granted. On a side not, Willy (who the is fighting pancreatic cancer) went back to the hospital yesterday and also lost his father. Not sure which order, not that it really matters.
  13. flintlocker

    Little Help Needed For Fellow Hunter

    Thanks for the help everyone. Buck details... first week of PA's archery season. Got settled in my climber at 5:10pm, climbed back down at 5:30pm. No sooner I sat down then he walked right in. Watched him for a few minutes at 8 yds deciding if I wanted to shoot since it was only the 5th day of the season. Shot taken, right through the heart.
  14. flintlocker

    Help A Fellow Sportsmen

    Dang, someone beat me to posting here on good ole Hags. Thanks for everyone's help. Tis the Season.
  15. flintlocker

    Little Help Needed For Fellow Hunter

    Hi folks.. been a while since I have posted but I know I count on you folks to help out a good cause. A fellow hunter here in PA is battling pancreatic cancer and can use some support. Members of the great discussion board HuntingPA.com and others have been making donations/contributions to Willy and his family. It has been a tough time and his family is not well off as it is. ( Willy's Story In an effort to help Willy and his family out I entered my archery buck into an AM radio station buck contest. Prize is a $500 gift card for a grocery store, which will be donated to Willy & his family if my photo is voted to win. Here is where the folks of Hags House and any other discussion boards, email etc etc that can get the word out helps. Just a simple mouse click to vote is all that is needed from you. You don't have to register a name/email or anything to vote. Just select my photo and hit the Vote button at the bottom of the page. My pic is the 10th one from the bottom. "Todd Plank of Gardners, PA. Yesterday morning I posted on HuntingPA what I had initiated to help Willy and his family out and the members there and a couple other discussion boards had me at over 45% of the vote by midnight last night. Contest runs through Dec. 31. Thanks for your help. Here is the pic to look for. Please help Willy & his family out and win this vote! LINK TO VOTE