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  1. CoyoteBandit

    Weird Project

    open the file on your computer, then press the alt+print screen. This will copy the active window to the clipboard, then you can paste it in paint, save it as a .jgp then upload it here.
  2. CoyoteBandit

    Rose Bowl 2010

    Tough one to watch for sure! Go Pack Go!
  3. CoyoteBandit

    Unusual Find

    Hey Dave, that reminds me of the one I found a few years ago, very interesting. Maybe the extra pedicle kills these deer? http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=25968
  4. CoyoteBandit

    Total Broadhead Failure

    I switched to one piece broadheads and will never go back, they are tougher than nails, fly great, are easy to resharpen and are alway in the open cutting position! I do feel your pain, as I have been there before. I even trashed a G5 Montec this year when I shot a doe, it was a complete passthrough and hit the oposite leg bone shattering it. The one piece SS broadhead was badly bent and not re-usable. After contacting G5 I will not be buying thier products again, I have since been using the NAP Hellrazor and they are awesome! I shot a 145 class 10 pt this year with the same one I shot a coyote with a week earlier. Just a few minutes on the diamond stone and they are back in the quiver, truly awesome!
  5. CoyoteBandit

    Hunting In Wisconsin

    I'll take a stab at these... 1. Is it a one buck county?? Are there any restrictions on the bucks?? Most of the state allows one gun buck & one bow buck, no antler restrictions. Some counties do have rifle restrictions. You would have to buy 2 licenses to hunt both seasons. 2. Can you shoot does?? It looks like you can buy additional doe tags for $2/tag??? If you can buy the tags you can shoot does, most areas with agriculture have doe tags available. 3. Can the landowner buy additional tags??? They should be able to buy additional doe tags. 4. Is there only a one week gun season?? 9 day gun season starts the sat before thanksgiving and ends the following sunday. The 7 day muzzleloader starts the monday after and uses the same license. 5. Are there any pheasants or bears in the area?? Sure, takes about 10 years to get a bear tag and there season is going on right now and will be over before november. There are pheasants here, but this ain't south dakota! 5. Does anyone know how much the out-of-state license is? It looks like $160? Is that good for a certain amount of days, or all season?? 160 sounds right - If you buy a license it will be good all season, but the state wide rifle season is only 9 days. There are other seasons in other parts of the state. 6. Do the deer have to be checked in at a station before processing? Yes, definately. Good Luck!
  6. CoyoteBandit

    Decent 9

    Yep, he is starting to shed, won't be long now and all the bucks will be hard horned. Great buck, awesome if you can let him go another year.
  7. We have a season on them here
  8. CoyoteBandit

    Some Ky Bucks

    Awesome bucks, I like the last one the best old and knarly!
  9. CoyoteBandit

    Nice Buck

    Good luck, he is a buck of a lifetime for sure!
  10. Awesome buck, he might be close to a booner!
  11. CoyoteBandit

    Antler Growth

    Yep, no ball then what you see is what your getting. Most bucks are just finishing up the tips right now and the end of the beams.
  12. CoyoteBandit

    Dxg Question

    Thanks I actually found the original Jazz picture, just wasn't sure if it was the same for the DXG.
  13. CoyoteBandit

    Dxg Question

    I am building my first DXG build and want it day only. On my Jazz there were switch settings for day only or 24 hours but there is nothing like this for the DXG board. I have looked for this and found nothing. So excuse my ignorance on the topic but how do I setup my DXG build to be day only? Thanks, CB
  14. Just need to clean out a few things I will likely never end up using. Thanks for looking. Assorted NiMH Battery chargers $3 ea. + $1 shipping or $15 + $3 Shipping for all of them. SOLD 32MB Smartmedia card, works great $10 shipped. - SOLD Compact Flash to Smartmedia adapter $10 shipped. 40+ assorted (1600-2500mah) new to used for a couple of years NiMH batteries $15 shipped. 23 2500 enegergizer batteries included. SOLD Vivitar flash guts - one is fully functional and I think the other ones works, but don't have time to test it. Both shipped for $7 - SOLD Damaged powerslaveboard for parts - $3 shipped. 3 new/never used fully assembled Dkirk boards without PIC controller - $10ea shipped or all three for $25. SOLD Paypal only please, thanks! CB
  15. CoyoteBandit

    Camo'd 4x8 Sheets Of Plywood At Lowes

    Man, that would look good on my hunting blind!