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    Bark Biters On Ebay

    This member lives not to far from me in Michigan,,,,,he's selling them on other sites also. RSMITH & I produced the first ones from Ryan's design. Imitation is the best form of flattery I guess. Wish I would have had the $$$ to pursue the BarkBiter further,,,,,sorry Ryan.
  2. firebug019

    Want More Bark Biters!

    OK, I could use some input from you guys,,,, I did some checking around and have a couple of options,,,,, 1) I'm getting prices on aluminum & machining from another buddy of mine to make some more brackets . 2) He suggested I build a plastic injection mold to make them instead of machining or stamping them out. He assured me that he has plastic that would hold up as well as the aluminum. He made me an offer to let me build the mold myself at NO cost. He would supply all the material & machine time and I would do all of the machining and build the mold (Aprox. 40 -50 hrs) This would GREATLY reduce the cost of each bracket,,,compared to the first ones I made. If I decide to go ahead & accept his offer, I would apreciate any suggestions or changes you guys would like to see on the new version. I'm already thinking I'm going to make the strap slot narrower for strength. Thanks for any input. Mike
  3. firebug019

    America's Direction?

    Everyone who wanted CHANGE sure got it!!!!!! I hate to say it, but someone just needs to pull the handle & WHOOSH. Down the toilet we go. All joking aside,,,,,I'm scared as HELL where were headed, not only for me, but my kids future also.
  4. firebug019

    Want More Bark Biters!

    AHHHHHHH the memories Ryan. Just reading these post & pictures bring back such fond memories of when we started this little project. I can't promise anything guys, But I'm layed off this week. It looks like it's about time I start checking into seeing if this project can be kept alive. So if anybody has a rich uncle who needs to dispose of some cash,,,,,let me know. Like I said,,,,,no promises I'll let you guys know how it looks.
  5. firebug019

    Want More Bark Biters!

    RSMITH & Myself were making the Bark Biter,,,,,, It was Ryans design & I was making them. I had a stamping die designed with the intention of building it to mass produce the bracket. Unfourtunantly, things have gone way south here in MI. and Iv'e been working several job's to keep things afloat. I don't have any more & the guy who was CNC machining them for me went out of business. If Ryan doesn't have a problem with someone else making them, I don't. I wish I had the time & energy to get back to making them, they really do work great. I'm really surprised & somewhat flatterd that people still want them. Best of Luck Guys BUG
  6. firebug019

    Weeeee Got Me A New 4wheeler For Christmas!

    It's all cool....just as long as we don't see it in an "action sequence" from the bedroom..... hags Yeah,,,,,NO "riding" pics please
  7. firebug019

    Ccw Questions/discussion

    I have an opportunity to take a CCW class. I've never really felt the need to have one before, but I work late some nights & the neighborhood isn't the best. How many members here have one????? Anybody wish they did or didn't have one???? This is something I'm thinking seriously about so any input would be apreciated. Thanks, BUG
  8. firebug019

    Fantasy Football 2008

    NEVER, EVER use the word "spank" and HN in the same sentence,,,,,,,,,you may regret it for a very long time
  9. firebug019

    Fantasy Football 2008

  10. firebug019

    "the Kiss"

    Recently received this from Code 3 Collectibles web site,,,,, "THE KISS" She is pregnant; he had just saved her from a fire in her house, rescuing her by carrying her out of the house into her front yard while he continued to fight the fire. When he finally got done putting the fire out, he sat down to catch his breath & rest. A photographer from the Charlotte, North Carolina newspaper noticed her in the distance looking at the fireman. He saw her walking straight toward the fireman and wondered what she was going to do. As he raised his camera, she came up to the tired man who had saved her life and the lives of her babies and kissed him just as the photographer snapped this picture. I don't know if this is legitiment,,,,,but it is kinda cute.
  11. firebug019

    Lion Vs Human Staredown

    GUYS GOT MORE B@LLS THAN BRAINS,,,,,,,Gonna be reading about him being "dinner" one day then they'll blame the animal
  12. firebug019

    Long Range Moose Hunt

    "Nerves of steel",,,,,,,,I would of been "Bowels of mush" Crazy French Canadians
  13. My oldest Son & I went hunting on Sat. near Goodells, MI in the "thumb". It was my first season & his 2nd season. (he got a 11.5 inch beard Tom last year) We were in the woods by 5:00 AM & set up together behind an umbrella blind. To make a LONG story short,,,,,, he was able to call in 3 jakes to our hen decoys from about 250 yards away. I took the one on the right,,,,he took the one on the left,,,,the middle one had a lucky day. Both had 4" beards. We were on our way out of the woods by 9:00 AM. It's a day I'll remember for quite awhile,,,,,,even if we hadn't have been successful!!!
  14. firebug019

    Training Collars For Dogs

    I have used one on my Britts,,,,,,,it really gets their attention. Use the lowest setting. I almost "fried" my female Britt when she was young & head strong, and I was frustrated with her behaviour. This my sound cruel, but I strapped it to my forearm & gave myself a jolt to see what it felt like,,,,,,,I now use it sparsley Some people do over use them. once they learn what it feels like, it just takes a little ZAP to get them back in line.
  15. firebug019


    Mine is gonna "stimulate" the engine in my truck,,,,,darn gas prices
  16. firebug019

    Now What Do You Think?

    as Paul Harvey would say,,,,,,,"and here's the rest of the story"
  17. firebug019

    2008 Michigan Turkeys

    DUMB QUESTION for you seasoned turkey hunters....... both birds had 4" beards & rounded spurs,,,,thus making them jakes I'm told My sons bird has the classic 4 high middle feathers,,,, yet mine has several more tall feathers,,,,, WHY????
  18. firebug019

    Kids Will Fuss With One Another Topic! :)

    From this day forward ,,,You will now be known as "SPOON" Keep stirring the pot, you old Bat
  19. firebug019

    Drinking Question

    Their enough to make a man start DRINKING
  20. firebug019

    Buying The Jazz Dv150 Direct

    AAAAUUUURRRRGGGHHHH, the INSANITY my better judgement, also known as my better half says NO this time around!!!!!!
  21. firebug019

    Man's Best Friend

    Dogs have been said to be man's best friend,,,,,,,,,,here's more proof why Take your dog & your wife,,,,,, lock them in the trunk of your car for couple of hours,,,,,, when you go back to let them out,,,,,, See who's the happiest to see you!!!!!!
  22. firebug019

    Buying The Jazz Direct

    Got mine today also,,,,,,,"checks in the mail" Thanks again
  23. firebug019

    Buying The Jazz Direct

    I'm guessing you lost that WARM/FUZZY feeling Thanks again DAN
  24. firebug019

    What Is Going On In Missouri?

    One of the guys at work spent a season working for a guide service in Alaska,,,,,,,,they needed to "drill" a bunch of holes in some 2x12's while in the bush,,,,,,,,,the cordless drill went dead,,,,,but they had plenty of 12 Gauge slugs what ever works
  25. firebug019

    What Is Going On In Missouri?

    Just seen this on the evening news,,,,,,some of the people interviewed weren't the "brightest" bulbs in the box,,,,,,,if you know what I mean