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  1. Acrowe

    First Grandbaby On The Way!

    Johnny, he has a head full of hair. I can't believe he hasn't lost it. The little joker is barely a month old and holding his on bottle now. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
  2. Acrowe

    First Grandbaby On The Way!

    Sorry folks but it has been crazy at work and around the house. Welcome little Jackson to our family. He came into the world at just over 8 lbs. I have the picture of Lolli and Pops (me) and Jackson attached...
  3. Ok I may need some old timers like me to chime in here. I have a BG2 board that has been in operation for years now. A couple of weeks ago I go out to check it and see that the LED is lit up. I think ok the battery is weak so I pull it and replace the battery. I test it before I take it out and yep you can power it on and the led is bright and then dims. Motion will cause it to go bright but it will go back to dim but not off. It will take pictures as well. I have cleaned the board hoping corrosion was somewhere but as of now it is still doing the same thing. Any thoughts or suggestions? Just noticed as I am typing this that the LED while dim will flicker on and off. Got me scratching my head......
  4. Acrowe

    First Grandbaby On The Way!

    Shouldn't be long now! Get a new hunting partner in another hour or so!
  5. Update: Tried everything suggested including replacing the pir and the pot with no luck. Ordered a new board from Gary and installed it today and the set up is working flawlessly. Gary said I could send him the board and he would check it so I may do that just to see what happened to it.
  6. Acrowe

    Retired Today. Yahoo!

    Congratulations! !
  7. I need to check all my new batteries because those were fresh out of the pack.....
  8. what voltage am I looking for with new batteries I thought 4.3 wasn't bad......
  9. Reflowed with no luck...... I need to try replacing the pot.....
  10. I definitely believe it is the POT as I can get it to stop blinking sometimes as I working it back and forth. Does anyone know if radio shack carries these? I think the next step is to replace the pot. Does anyone know what ohm the pot is?
  11. Acrowe

    Anyone Run Game Cams On National Forest Land?

    Wow! I think it means just that..... Commercial and non commercial photography. This is ridiculous as these are public places and owned by the people. The government owns nothing.....
  12. JDH, I one up'd you and replaced the entire PIR yesterday with no luck. FJ, I really feel the problem lies somewhere in that area. I have worked the POT without success. I wonder if I remove it completely if that would tell me that is the problem? If it is does any sell the POT's?
  13. JDH, I took it all apart and even removed the battery holder when I changed the PIR thinking that may be the problem. I didn't see any corrosion but will look at it again and clean it this time.
  14. OK I had a little time and I decided to pull out an old build that I was having problems with. What happen is when I power the board everything starts normally. Camera powers on, array powers on and then everything shuts down as normal but the green led and the red led begin to flash on & off and this never stops. I can't find anything wrong. Could it just be a bad board or do any of you have a suggestion on something to check. I will say when I first built the setup everything work perfectly but that was a couple of years ago. When this started I just shelved it.