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  1. bowgod02

    It's Been A While

    I have a great wife that's been getting me through it all and has been right by my side. Thanks god for her really!
  2. bowgod02

    It's Been A While

    Thanks Jim..I appreciate that buddy.
  3. bowgod02

    It's Been A While

    I haven't been on in quit some time. A lot has happened in my life lately and priorities have changed quit a bit as well. I got married in August and spent our honeymoon in alaska. Just incredible to be there to see such a magnificent place. We made our way home and work had me jumping right away to try and get caught up. Worked mostly 7 days a week for several months. I started having chest pains and just put it off as stress from work. They came on more and more and still I thought it was stress. I managed to squeeze in a few days archery hunting and one evening while hunting with a friend I had some sort of an attack. At dark I climbed down and gathered up all my gear and started climbing up through the field. It was in the teens and I was carrying my stand, bow, decoy, and was dressed heavy. About 3/4 way up through the field, it felt like someone shoved a shop vac in my mouth and sucked all the air out. I couldn't catch my breath and prob 30 seconds went by. I was trying to find my cell when I fell face down in the snow. Rolled on my back and my thought was this is it! All of the sudden I gasped a breath in. Then I managed to finally get my breathing back. I lied there for two minutes and seen my buddy coming up over. He helped grab my gear and load it up. The next day I made a doc appointment as I felt back to normal the night before. They sent me for a stree test which I failed. Thought I passed though. So in on Black Friday for a catherization. While in there doc said he'd have to put in a couple stents. Nice I thought! While placing the stents the screen went black and for probably 5 minutes I was scared shitless. They knocked me out and they must have fixed the screen as I woke just as the doc was finishing up. I got back to my room where my mom and wife was waiting for me.. About 10 minutes later a woman came up to take some blood and she made a boo boo and took the blood out of the same arm they did the catherization in. They went in through my wrist for the stents. Well, since she took blood out of the same arm, blood started pooling up in my arm. Swelled my arm up and turned black. My nurse caught what was happening and called everyone.... I started to loose my vision and finally lost about 80% when they sent me for scans. I must have been passing clots from the idiot nurse that took blood. It took about 45 minutes to start getting vision back and the whole time I was again thinking this is it again! I had my chance to go home the next day and took it instead of staying like they wanted me to. I wasn't going to give them another chance to kill me. Things started looking up but then I got pretty sick week before Christmas. I was still going for tests for my heat and brain. They thought I might have had a bleed in my head at one point. Also I was getting winded easily.. They sent me for a breathing test and X-ray of my chest. Well got the call on dec 23rd that I had pneumonia. So I had to fight that all off. After two weeks, I started feeling pretty good and decided to do some welding in the garage. While grinding a weld, (yeah, didn't have my glasses on), I got steel in my eye. After two different doctors, they got out the 4 pieces that were in there. At one point, they used a dremel like tool grinding at it. The next two days were pure hell after they got it all out!!! Couldn't open my eyes at all. Things are now starting to feel back to normal. Still get winded but feeling better everyday. Cardiologist said I'm doing well at my appointment yesterday. So that's a plus! Just wanted to pop in to say hey and fill you guys in on what's been going on over this way.
  4. bowgod02

    Congratulations Bowgod

    Thanks guys. We are slowly making our way home from our honeymoon. It was more than I ever imagined seeing that place and I can't wait to go back. Just a quick sample of 1 of almost 5000 pcs I've taken. Going through Tracy Arm Fjord
  5. bowgod02

    Scored Some 22lr Finally

    You can find just about any ammo here except .22 at the moment. Walmart gets in .22 and they are gone almost instantly. Last time I was at Walmart, they had 43 boxes of 9mm Paul. This shortage of everything has had me invest into reloading. I have finally got set up after almost 8 months of gathering parts.
  6. bowgod02

    Happy Birthday Fellas!

    Happy birthday guys
  7. bowgod02


    I watched yesterday's game and they didn't look good at all. Especially that first period.
  8. bowgod02

    Happy Birthday Peanut!

    Happy birthday!
  9. bowgod02

    Happy Birthday Pdskal

    Happy birthday old man.
  10. bowgod02

    P41 Flash Capacitor Mod

    I like to use atleast a 3.3uf cap in the sony cams to reliably get a double flash
  11. bowgod02

    Pir Circuit

    Boy I'm not sure on that one. Normally we look for the pin to go high or low when there is motion. Meaning full voltage or no voltage. At least that's how I understand it? With direction of movement giving different voltages high or low that would take some different coding for sure
  12. bowgod02

    Big Capped P32_ir Build

    I'll see if I have time tonight to throw a 160uf in a p32
  13. bowgod02

    Big Capped P32_ir Build

    These here puppies? Or here http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-17-Pcs-160uF-3...=item1e7bf421c8
  14. bowgod02

    Big Capped P32_ir Build

  15. bowgod02

    Big Capped P32_ir Build

    Right now I see 160uf on eBay and I do have a few of them but haven't tried them ones yet