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  1. jpb31

    Snap Shot Sniper

    I have a snapshot sniper with the LCD board running a P 41 every time I put it out in the field I get about 150 pictures and then the 9 bolt battery goes dead anybody have any suggestions what might be causing this thanks
  2. jpb31

    Hagshouse Family Member Check-in

    Still here also just reading mostly it's always been a good bunch of people here...happy new year
  3. jpb31

    New Array

    i have used a couple of these also they seemed to work very good also i dont know much about the black flash was going to try a couple of them and i did send fireman jim a pm but he never replied..i do have a few of daves treetops arrays with the driver on them if your interested i could sell you one for what i paid plus shipping
  4. jpb31

    Swamp People

    this guy always made me laugh .....sorry to hear this http://www.outdoorhub.com/news/swamp-peopl...amp+People+Dies
  5. jpb31


    does anybody here use a ipad to check there trail cameras. and is there some kind of universal adapter that fits all the memory cards. i was thinking of getting one they are sure smaller than a lap top and the picture quality is unbelievable
  6. i dont know guys i thought it looked like a monkey also. thanks for all the responses
  7. what do you think this could be picture was from south georgia ...randolph county
  8. jpb31

    Pir Button

    got mine thanks for taking the time to do this pretty neat tool.
  9. jpb31

    My Son's First Buck..

    a memory you will never forget. awsome buck young man .
  10. i call him lucky http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj197/j...nt=FILE0058.mp4
  11. jpb31

    Very Good Day

    those are great times ......and she will never forget that day . a very happy memory for a father and his daughter . thanks for sharing your story .
  12. jpb31

    830nm Filter Material

    i am out of the 830mm myself i would like to try the gel film were are you guys getting it from ? ....thanks james
  13. jpb31

    Dxg 567v

    i hope this helps .........you should be able to download one here http://www.dxgusa.com/CustomerService/Manuals/DXG567V.pdf