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    Sony s600 mod malfunction

    Fix't. I placed a small piece of electrical tape across the top ot the shutter switch and the soldered shutter wire and solved the problem. The metal spring on the shutter button was "making" the circuit between the soldered wire and common of the metal switch. Now the camera is working correctly; one picture per PIR event Hope my experience can help out someone else. Regards, Jeff.
  2. jsdyer

    Sony s600 mod malfunction

    Hello: Well I have figured out what the problem is. I disassembled the camera and it operates fine with the plastic plate housing the shutter and power on buttons removed from the shutter/power board. Seems that when assembled, the shutter switch is depressed by that plastic assembly. This will be a tricky one to fix. Thanks, jeff
  3. jsdyer

    Sony s600 mod malfunction

    I am using the stereo jack and it does not appear that any connections are crossed or shorting. I operate the camera independently of the board by plugging in a short plug with the common and lens cover switch wire soldered together. Without the plug, the camera returns the error message turn power off and back on again, or something similar. The camera behaves the same whether it is attached to the board or independent. I am fairly certain that the power wire is soldered to the on/off switch and that the shutter wire is soldered at the shutter switch. I am not certain whether the shutter switch periodically shorts to common as I am inexperienced with this precision soldering.
  4. Hello: I have finished my first trail cam using the S600, 4 wire mod with a yeticam board, fast mod. I did something internally to the camera during the modding. Regardless of whether it is attached to the board, or independent, when I power the camera on (with the selector switch in the center or picture mode), it takes 3 to 6 pictures in rapid succession on its own. Then I can take control of it and it operates normally, so the shutter switch does not seem to be stuck down. Sometimes, when powered on and sitting on its own for a few minutes, the camera will acquire something in the room and take a picture. In the camera internal settings, the camera is not set to burst mode. Controlled by the yeticam board, when activated by the PIR, same effect. It takes bursts of 3 or 4 pictures as fast as the camera can shutter. The board dip switches are not set to burst, all are set to off. Has anyone you seen this happen? Any idea on how I can correct it? Thanks. Jeff
  5. Greetings: I'm a newbie at this trail cam building and I purchased a predrilled 1040 case to fit a Sony S600, bottom mounted. I modded my S600 with the stereo jack through the camera tripod hole, so I can't use it in this 1040 case. A servo modded S600 should work fine. The camo is Nortwoods Ghost. The lens and flash holes are counter sunk. No PIR hole is drilled. The rubber bladder/gasket is included. I am asking $32 delivered price in the U.S. Jeff Dyer jsdyer@pitnet.net