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  1. boozer

    Need S40 3 Wire Yeti Camera Hack

    Thanks Everyone, I got what I needed.
  2. boozer

    Home Made Tick Spray

    My friend has been doing this for the past 2 years, and says he gets the same great results as using the name brand spray. and with the cheap cost of it, he's not afraid to put it on a lot heavier. We are loaded with tick here in central Pa. I wont be testing it until Archery season.
  3. Ive been buying Sayers Permetherine tick spray for the last 3 years and swear by it, but at $18.00 a bottle.......Well im cheep, I picked up a bottle of 36.8% Martin's Permethrin SFR at the local farm store, for $15.00 for 16oz, Sayers only has .05% Permethrine in their ingredients, and by the formula, I should be able to make 32 Quarts of spayable tick spray from 1 bottle just adding a 1/2 oz per Qt of water.
  4. boozer

    Need S40 3 Wire Yeti Camera Hack

    That website is a pain to register..... I was hoping that the owner of Yeticams still visited this forum,, as I will also need to know what color wire goto the different terminals on the control board. Mine uses the red black green wires, My other 2 camera are already in the woods 2.5 hours away at camp, so I cant get to them to open them up and see.
  5. Does anyone have a copy of the PDF file, for the 3wire hack on the s40, that Yeti had on their site? Looked at one on youtube, but that was different than I remember doing it. I got a homebrew without the camera and need to hack another one for it. Thanks in advance.
  6. boozer

    Home-made Wine.......

    I just started a batch of watermellon, Ill have to see how it turns out, then let you know. The process i use is done in crocks. I found 2gallon cookie jars at wal-mart that work great. For most fruits, Cherry, Rassberry, and strawberry. the process from start to finish is 1 month. all the fruit is left in the crock the intire time, and its open to the air. (no bubblers) To date, My wild T-berry has gotten the best thumbs up.
  7. boozer

    Water Or Booze ?

    Im not sure why, but i gotta vote for booze here.....LOL
  8. boozer

    Target Buck

    You see and hear of that alot, Esp on Posted property where they don't let anyone in to hunt. the deer just lay down. and dont move all season, then evenually Die of either old age or starvation. and being crippled too. Its a shame it has to be that way, but these guys posting large tracks of land for just 3 or 4 family members think they are doing themselves a favor are wrong. they are only hurting themselves, and are usually the first ones to complain that the deer numbers are down, even though they are surrounded by bedded deer and don't even know it.
  9. boozer

    Hate Ebay

    Your right Phantom, Thats how Ebay works. they have to beat, not match your high bid. If your looking to get it cheap, and enter a cheap bid. your going to loose. I just enter the max im willing to pay, and don't play the auction game. If i get it GREAT. If not. some sucker paid too much for it. Too many people get too wrapped up in the auction thing, and can't handle loosing the auction on something they want.
  10. boozer

    Live Ir Video Camera Ideas?

    All im really looking for is something 12V at both ends. If needs be i could even set a garden tractor battery at each end for power, Night only. I can see the bait pile in the daylight. Im kinda looking at the backup cameras for vehicles, but most of them have only 150 foot range. from the camera to the monitor. and at most ide only be using it for maybe 2 to 3 hours. Im not looking to record anything. just so i can see the bait pile at night, and know when something is on it. I might even try one of the 29.00 remote drive way lights, and rewire the light so i can place that elsewhere where i can see the signal, but the coyotes wont be distrubed by the light for now. But Live remote video would be the best case. Ill look at that link and see what they got.
  11. Here in Pa its legal to hunt coyotes over bait. Im looking for ideas, and parts to put together a wireless camera that i can view on a monitor about 100yards away. any ideas???
  12. boozer

    Homemade Game Hoist...

    Depending on the thickness of the 2 inch Sq tube, (ide use 3/16" wall) you should be able to use a piece of 1 1/4" scd 80 pipe for your piece to make the upright telescope. If you can when you are buying your piece of 2" tubing, Look for one that doesn't have a real big weld insided. The tubing will have a welded seam and sometimes the welds stick up an 18" or more. which makes it harder for something to slip inside the sq. tube.
  13. boozer

    Problem With Lenses Fogging Up.

    I had the same problem, mine turned out being both glass lenses were leaking for the flash and the camera lense. I used the double sided foam. and wont use it again. My first cam that i used the GOOP. its still sealed great.This one i used the 3m seal. I think maybe i loosened up the 3M stuff by cleaning the glass. The last time i picked up my camera, i had 2 inches of Ice i the bottom of the camera. and a bunch of pictures of nothing. I dried everything out, and redone my glass with goop, and my Yeti board is still working like new, even after being submerged and frozen in water.
  14. boozer

    New Cam On The Market

    Dubllung, Great Vids, I think i learned that Coyotes dont like to eat Possum, (Im guessing that was what was there). Is the reaction time what they claim it is? 1 sec. Or is that the best case senerio? Can you see the IR LEDs at night like a red glow, or is it undetectable with the human eye? The last Bushness i had you could actually see a red flash.
  15. boozer

    Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show

    I usually go about every 3 to 4 years, and it doesnt' seem to change much in that amount of time. Its worth the trip, i just never seen the need to go every year. Theres alot of outfitters there if your looking for a trip, but in my opinion they are over priced looking for luxury hunters.