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  1. Yes, good luck Jim, wish you the best
  2. The club lost the lease on the land last year, I was ready to give up and hunt the public land but to far to walk or drag anything that far. I have found a new farm to hunt on if you don't mind the cow pies, put up a stand and two cams last weekend, will hunt all day this Saturday and maybe Sunday.
  3. 13pointer

    Sony S600 Ir Mod

    I would not do it, you will never get it to focus at night, daytime pictures will be ok.
  4. 13pointer

    Help With S600 With Whitetail Supply Boards

    These are the settings for the S600 all off except for 3 and 5 up, 11 and 12 are used to turn the unit on, green LED should flash a couple times then go off, about 40 seconds for everything to be ready. You need to remove the board to change the batteries, check the ground tab they like to come off the board , might have to be re-soldered, check battery voltage must be at least 1.5 volts per battery. One last thing, check the connections at the block, wire like to brake off.
  5. 13pointer

    Trail Camera User Survey

  6. 13pointer

    Blurry S600

    That cam will probably never focus at night, the best way to find out if an s600 is good for a build is to go into your basement when it's completely dark and take a picture and if it's not in focus after you take a couple of pictures, that cam is no good for a build and no use hacking it except for a daytime cam. You can still try it out of the build and give it a test like I described.
  7. 13pointer

    Sony S600 Thingy

    That goes on the bottom by the tri-pod adapter.................
  8. 13pointer

    Prayers Needed - My Turn

    Yes, that is very good news....
  9. 13pointer

    Go Packers!

    Yes, it will be a great game, the greatest.................... Packers 23 Bears 10 ....................................
  10. 13pointer

    I Got Jacked Too!

    Sorry for the loss, been there, I lost 3 last year and have only put one up this year up high in a tree but they don't work to well up that high........
  11. 13pointer

    Need To Cut A Python

    Take a cordless drill or a dremel tool with a cut-off wheel and you will done in a about 10 seconds, I had to do that since I lost my keys in the woods.
  12. 13pointer

    Thanks Dave

    You are correct, thanks Dave............
  13. 13pointer

    S600 Night Focus

    There is a certain amount of s600's out there that will not focus in total darkness while they'll take good pictures in the day and at dusk but not in the dark and no matter what the settings are the pictures at night will still be fussy. The next time you get an s600, before you hack it, take it down in the basement in total darkness and take a couple of pictures, if they are in focus, you have a good one and if they are out of focus, i would not mess with it unless you are building a day only unit.
  14. 13pointer

    Pa Antlerless Tags

    FYI, there will be no doe tags issued this year for Wisconsin, the herd in the state needs to come back up and that will take 6 to 7 years if the wolf or bear population don't increase. The only zone you will be allowed 4 deer a day is the CWD zone and that is. you will have to kill a doe first before you get a buck tag. We need better management of the herd, we have been killing to many doe's for to long. The current liberal DNR will not quit until there are no more deer left. WE NEED TO REBUILD THE DNR FROM THE GROUND UP.