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    XMAS wish list.

    Glock Gen 5 top of the list.
  2. whtlhntr


    Top right to the left of your name there is an envelope,click on that it will take you to your messages,
  3. whtlhntr

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Chris was a very good man! May he rest in peace! Sending prayers to the family.
  4. whtlhntr

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Yes it does have a mic.
  6. Price reduced for p32 and DXG.
  7. whtlhntr

    Yeti Board Dip Settings

    Awesome, Thank You! I tried to get on there last night and nothing.
  8. Could someone take a pic of the sticker with the dip settings for there Yeti Board and post it?
  9. whtlhntr

    Happy Birthday Fellas!

    Happy Birthday guys!
  10. whtlhntr

    Hacked Ir W200

    Got the camera today. Thanks!!
  11. Set up for a fast hack s600 Will take trades for SSS lcd board setup for a w200 or 35.00
  12. The board is horizontal with back mounted controls. pm sent
  13. Thanks JDH, I am getting the original sniper program. I like the flexibility of the shutter delays exactly for that reason! This will be my first w200 build so I will be doing alot of experimenting and reading. Any advice is welcome!!
  14. Used, It came out of a working build, I just switched it out for a bf board.