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  1. daddy_duncan

    Video Clips From The Bear Site

    Don`t know what that is Tinhorn , small bird or moth?? Here`s a couple of clips from the other day.. The bears are giving my camera a good inspection,but so far haven`t touched it. Lots of rain and misty weather, hard to get good videos.
  2. daddy_duncan

    Video Clips From The Bear Site

    A couple of short videos made up from 10 second video clips taken at my bear site 13-14th June.
  3. daddy_duncan

    Video Clips From The Bear Site

    Put out some bait and some deep fryer oil at last years bear site last week to see if anything was around. Got a few video clips and stitched them together.
  4. daddy_duncan

    Happy Birthday Daddy Duncan

    Thanks Steve but at my age Im trying to forget the birthdays. LOL. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and the family and all the guys on this site. Dont know about any eagle pictures Steve. Used to get deer road kills from the Lands and Forest, but they dont pick them up off the highways anymore, and its hard to get any bait. But I will try to get something to attract them and the coyotes. Cameras for the eagles, bullets for the coyotes
  5. daddy_duncan

    Video Clips From The Bear Site

    A couple of videos from the bait site , taken from clips over the last few days. Sept 12 2016 https://vimeo.com/182980264 Sept 14 2016 https://vimeo.com/182976348
  6. daddy_duncan

    Video Clips From The Bear Site

    You have a good memory Tinhorn, haven`t posted much in the last few years. Dont go shark fishing anymore, but do go tuna fishing instead. Miss the old days when Chris was on here and everyone was building cameras and other things.
  7. A few video clips from the bear site. I stitched together some of the video clips each time I re-baited the bear site and collected the camera card. Aug 30 2016 Day https://vimeo.com/182331722 Aug 30 2016 Night https://vimeo.com/182334106 Sept 6 Night Video https://vimeo.com/182336517 Sept 09 2016 night https://vimeo.com/182338627
  8. daddy_duncan

    Bears At The Bait Site

    A couple of short bear videos, one I made for my Granddaughter Jade ,who will be hunting with me this fall. She passed all her hunting tests this last winter and now has a permit. She got a rifle for Christmas and is all pumped up to go for her first bear. I am as excited as she is, and cant wait to take her with me. So I made a video for her, out of some of the clips of the bear that I call " JB" [Jades Bear] the one that I hope will come out when she is with me. Its got to be him or bigger. Also a short video of a sow and cub https://vimeo.com/176863011 https://vimeo.com/176862368
  9. daddy_duncan

    Bears At The Bait Site

    Stealth Cam Model STC-G42NG
  10. daddy_duncan

    Bears At The Bait Site

    A few pictures from a week ago [/url ]
  11. Been quite a while since I made any posts on Hags, but thought that I would post a short video of the some of the better video clips from the trail camera at my bear site last week. https://vimeo.com/177900109
  12. daddy_duncan

    Coyote On The Lake

    I had put some bait out across the lake that I live on, trying to attract a few eagles for pictures. Had a few eagles show up, but never seen them at or near the bait. They just sat in the trees for a hour or two and flew away. But I did catch this guy at the bait, and made a short video of the pictures that I took. http://s173.photobucket.com/user/daddy_dun...f5y2k7.mp4.html
  13. daddy_duncan

    Happy Birthday Duncan

    Happy Birthday to your wife Chris and thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, Merry Christmas to all and all the best in the New Years to everyone at Hag`s
  14. daddy_duncan

    Hagshouse Family Member Check-in

    Im still kicking and hanging around , Haven`t posted any pictures for a while, but every now and then check the site. Will try to do more this year. Glad to see Chris back,
  15. daddy_duncan

    This Guy Is 100% Nocturnal

    Been thinking that way too Goot, thinking about a feeder that only feeds small amounts at daylight and maybe they would come out before dark or show up earlier or miss out.