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  1. fork14

    2019 Booner

    Beautiful job on those kits Tinhorn. Buckhunter, hope you get the chance to come back. Ohio kept us out of staters out of spring gobbler this year but looks like we can get our deer stamps for fall.
  2. fork14

    2019 Booner

    Hi Tinhorn, it’s a .45 caliber Knight called a super disc. It’s about 20 years old but shoots great.
  3. We nor the neighbors had a single pic of this deer. 183 6/8” gross. I’ve already caught grief over my buddy placing my smoke pole as he did for the pic.
  4. fork14

    Hydro Dipping Cases

    Looks great!
  5. fork14

    First Two S600 Build Pics

    I've had good luck with O'gormans Powder River bait and paste for the cats over in Ohio.
  6. fork14

    Any Smokers Out There?

    Been using a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker for years. Still cranks out great Q. Starting out today, I'd build a drum smoker from directions on one of the bbq sites and add a digital temp controller. Charcoal only for me. I used to monitor temps and adjust the vents but with the advent of the BBQ guru or the stoker, one gets the ease of electric or propane with the taste of charcoal. I now ony use my own lump charcoal which is easy to make. I put a topic on the cabin on it. Making the charcoal provides a great gathering place at the hunting cabin and also gives us about 4 five gallon buckets of prime lump to start fires in the wood burner, grill on, or fuel the smoker.
  7. fork14

    My First In 20 Years

    Gosh, so many questions Speed2spare! I wasn't going to mount him but decided I would since I don't have anything except a 14.39# largemouth that was caught on artificial on the wall. Do you have "buckscore" on your pc? I've added the last photo so that you might satisfy your curiosity if you have that program. We didn't record each measurement as it wasn't a B&C buck.
  8. fork14

    My First In 20 Years

    Local game warden used a rackulator. That was gross.
  9. Looks like I forgot to add this to the forum. Fished and ran cams for years but this was my first deer in 20 years. Ohio gun season 2013 using a muzzle loader. 149".
  10. fork14

    Before And After

    Got some pics of this great 8 before season but no one saw him in season. Found his shed a couple a weeks ago. The shed scored 60 7/8". Here's a 10pt that I found in January from our camp next to the above 8. The ten shed scored 65 2/8". The G2's on both are 9+". Also, here's a ten I found this spring. he may have some potential.
  11. Our friend and fellow cam builder Mike Rizzo harvested this buck in Ohio's muzzle loader season at our camp. 195 38" gross.
  12. Got these two weeks ago at our cabin in Ohio. 9 cams out and only two caught cats. The thicker the better. 9 cat pics total. My second try at cats. I got some pics the first time but these are much better. 1,3, and 4 are 380's the others are an S600. Check out his reaction to seeing the 380 in a camo 1020 at near ground level in pic 3 and 4. He goes into stealth mode. Musta been the black WA PIR.
  13. fork14

    It's Been A While

    Hi Ron, Hope everything Works out well for you. Miss your inquisitive and industrious mind.
  14. fork14

    Let's Talk Pistols

    Glock 32 here. the shouldered casing makes the most sense to me for a CC weapon. I will say that I have never had a failure to feed in my Kimber 1911 nor my HK Mark23 .45's. Those two are hard to CC unless your a big feller.
  15. Here's a nice 8 big body on this goofy racked 6