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  1. JRM6868

    Jazz Unit

    This was a unit I had built. Has anybody had to repair or replace a screen on one of these yet? Or does anybody have a spare screen to replace Dave's screen? Thanks Joe
  2. JRM6868

    Happy Birthday Orion

    Hope you had a great birthday Steve!
  3. JRM6868

    Mathews Genesis R/h Red

    I can't believe you actually took the wife and two dogs for that bow!
  4. JRM6868

    Remote Slave ?

    Here's how I did mine. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...;hl=slave+flash
  5. JRM6868

    Ohio Buck

    That's a nice Indiana buck! There are no big bucks in Ohio!!!!!
  6. JRM6868

    Parts For Grabs

    Received mine thanks Joe
  7. JRM6868

    Duo Adapters

    Received mine thanks Joe
  8. JRM6868

    Parts For Grabs

    Hey Jim I'll take the ( 2pcs ) slave flash filter ( 670nm ) 1.5" x 2.5" $7.00 each Thanks Joe
  9. JRM6868

    Prayers Needed

  10. JRM6868

    8 10 2011 Cams Check

    There's no big bucks in OHIO!!!!! Glad to see you getting out and enjoying the hobby Dave. Great Bucks. Hey that looks like my property!!!!!
  11. JRM6868

    Duo Adapters

    I'll take them or 10 if you want to split so someone else can have some.
  12. JRM6868

    P41ir's 1010, Ssii

    Nice looking cams. Can you post a pic of the inside and a close up of the front?
  13. JRM6868

    The New / Old Is Back Yippee !

    Glad it's back also. One thing I did like with the new one was the topic preview where you could see what the OP was asking before you went and opened it.
  14. JRM6868

    Another One Of Our Own Could Use Some Prayers.

    Prayers sent Jim. Take care of yourself and I hope there's no infection.