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  1. I just had one do this, everything thing worked like it should but would not shutter a pic changed card works as should.
  2. walleyejoe

    Wtb 1010 Clear Case

    Not putting a board in it just cam with external power and shutter buttons to take pics by hand.
  3. I am looking for a 1010 clear case or another clear case that a p32 will fit in. I want to make a cam to use in shallow water. If you got one pm me need it quick can send payment thru paypal. Joe
  4. walleyejoe

    Need Help With A P52

    I might have one I will look when I get home.
  5. walleyejoe

    3 More Done

    Not a fan of IR. Just like well lite pic's, never a problem with deer and the flash. Only camo because just incase a trespasser happens by.
  6. walleyejoe

    3 More Done

    Thanks guys after doing about 20 cams the last couple of years I think I got the color down pretty good. The colors I used are black, manhattan mist (stone paint), wicker (siding paint), gray primer (from sherwinn williams used to prime my metal garage door), camo brown, and clear flat. Just keep adding a little of this and that till I was satisfied.
  7. walleyejoe

    3 More Done

    Just finished 3 more cams. 1 p32 and 2 p41 with externals, vivitar 2000, slavemaster , yeti board,1060 case. All my builds I done remote slaves so this time I decided to put everything in one case. I need the p32 first and did LD by hand than thought I like to make a mold but decided to try something different. So what I did was spear the LD on waited for about 1 1/2 hrs than got a log out of the wood pile and rolled it over the LD, very little got on the log. Oh ya just notice I have to blacken one of the flash holes.
  8. walleyejoe

    Diy Camo Dip

    Has any tried it yet?
  9. walleyejoe

    Remote Slave For Sale

    How many flashes do you get with say 4 AA or 4 C batteries?
  10. Ok I am working on a few new builds and wondering if I can let the slave go thru the clear case without any problems, like melting or yellowing. Also has any glued the standoffs in the case instead of drilling the holes. Joe
  11. Going to build 6 p41 setups with slaves. Everything is ordered, just waiting for the stuff to get here. Only the 1060 cases here so far. $700 plus cost of camera's and flashes, where does it end
  12. walleyejoe

    Priceline.com Flights

    Anyone every book a flight thru priceline? Any hidden fee's? Was looking to fly from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale, priceline was $197 and AAA was $479. Hard to believe you can take the same flight and have that big of a difference.
  13. walleyejoe

    Vivitar 2800 Pivot Head Disassembly

    Now I know who has been outbidding me LOL.
  14. walleyejoe

    Small Wally Boxes

    They went on clearance by me last year than they remodeled than they were back again.
  15. walleyejoe

    Lithium Battery Question

    Is it ok to use lithiums in cam and still use two lithiums for external power? Want to put a cam out and it will be 6 months before I check it. With still a couple more months of cold weather. Joe