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  1. Big Clean Out

    I would like one of the big foot boards if any still available?
  2. Jazz Remote Ir Array

    One More pic
  3. Jazz Remote Ir Array

    Well I finally got this done and it works great. I had to do alot more than originally anticipated I used a 4 channel RF tx rx unit to make it work, but used a picaxe 8m on each end to operate the tx and turn on and off the Array I utilized an old array from a build I did with a Sony Lanc a few years back I put it all in a small Wally box and will need to camo it up but it works sweet. Thanks to 212 and TCSCOUT for there help through some of the stumbling points and for some energy saving code as well I will upload some video when I have some. Later Blazin
  4. Picaxe Command

    212 would using the disablebod along with that nap save power as well?
  5. Picaxe Command

    I like that it basically will nap as long as pin 3 is low. essentially what i want to do with the sleep. Thanks 212
  6. Picaxe Command

    Yes but if nap is used it has to wake up at set intervals i believe. With Sleep 0 i think it sits and waits for a pin change from what i read in the manual. basically I want the chip to be dormant until the receiver wakes it up
  7. Picaxe Command

    Sleep 0 has anyone ever used this command?? I have the 8M chip and it says it will not work with it is there an 8Mx or x2 chip that will accept this command?? I am wanting to use this to put my chip to sleep to conserve power, and then when my receiver for my remote IR array gets the signal it will wake up the chip and run the small bit of code to turn on the array and turn it off and then go back to sleep with the next event.
  8. Easy Jazz Remote Ir Array

    Hi guys Thanks for the info I think I will add a picaxe to the receiver end in addition to the one I have on the transmitter end, similar to what you did TCSCOUT and use that to run the array for my record time. I love your design with the 4 run time settings. I have the exact same transmitter as you but I will only use one button, I will send just a single signal from the transmitter to activate the receiver picaxe, have it stay on for the 30 seconds needed and then turn it off and wait for the next signal. That way the walk/test should not make any difference. I usually only record for 30 seconds as anything larger I cant email to my hunting buddies as the file size is to large. 10 meg max on my email account for upload on email attachments. If I did not wantr sound this would have been a snap as I could have had the transmitter stay on whenever the sister board closed the relay. But I have to have my sound. it makes it a lot nicer Thanks for all the help, and if there are any other suggestions please let me know Blazin
  9. Easy Jazz Remote Ir Array

    Wow all kinds of fun with this. The RF transmitter gives off a bunch of interference with the kit 98. So I had to rethink this and use a picaxe to control the transmitter. I am having the picaxe give a brief output to activate the transmitter and then again to turn it off. The only problem is that when the camera goes in to walk test mode it turns on the transmitter, and if I only had the time set for as long as I record for the array to be on it would just stay on after the walk test. I thought I had this figured out by just adding another on off sequence. But timing is everything and to get the array to turn off and the chip to power down before the next on sequence the delay needed was causing the array to come on 4 to 5 seconds after the record signal during normal operation. I am wondering if there is residual voltage on the chip causing the code to run after the power is turned off rom the sister board. If that is possible is there a way to (drain) that voltage to ground quickly to stop the code from running. if so I could shorten my delay times and have my remote array turn on in time with the camera record time. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated
  10. Easy Jazz Remote Ir Array

    I believe the LED's on that array are the 850nm but cant be sure as I built that array several years ago from a 108 LED board I bought from a member here. It was when the first video builds were being built with the Sony night shot cameras in the HUGE pelican cases and the servo motors to move the day night filter. The boards that I use from Ebay work very well, it was just a matter of these were not being used at all so I grabbed one off an old build and recommissioned it By the way I have a couple of Controller boards from those cams if anyone needs them. Not sure of price as of yet but I am sure we could figure something out. This remote is very easy to build and seems to work well also.
  11. Easy Jazz Remote Ir Array

    More pics
  12. Hi All I have been working on a wireless remote IR Array for my Jazz builds. I was looking at the driveway alert and then I came across this 4 channel RF Remote It is a 12 volt unit, both transmit and receive. I just got done with the the basics of it and have to put it all in a box and make it neat but here it is. I tapped in to the sister board for my internal array on my jazz cam and used that approx 4.8 volts to trigger a 5 volt reed relay. This relay supplies the 12 volts across the push button switch on the transmitter to send the signal to the receiver on the remote array. With this receiver you can set 2 jumpers for how you want it to react to the signal. I have it set so that it keeps the relay closed as long as it gets a signal from the transmitter, which happens to be the same time as the internal array is on. I will use an external 12 volt sla on the remote array that will house the receiver as well. For right now I will use the internal 12 volt battery on the transmitter to run that, if it depletes this battery to quickly i will switch it to an external sla as well. I used an old array from an old Sony nightshot lanc build, with the bigfoot board as I dont use that camera anymore since I started with the Jazz Cams I am very happy with it so far and it has tested very well in my basement so far. I will have it out in my property as soon as I have it buttoned up to see how well it works.
  13. Bf Outdoors 8 Led Array

    Thanks TC
  14. Bf Outdoors 8 Led Array

    Hi All: I have 2 of the 8 LED Arrays from BF Outdoors. I bought these over a year or so ago I cannot remember if they are 6 or 12 volt Arrays. Anyone here know what they might require? Thanks for the help Dan N
  15. Jazz Or Dxg Video With Remote Ir Arrays

    Thanks I would appreciate it