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  1. TCountyHunter

    Help With S600 With Whitetail Supply Boards

    One thing i figured out on the half working one tonight is the issue happens when i have dips 5 and 9 on for double pics. I tried 5, 11 and 12 only and it worked every time taking a single flash pic each time. I can live with that. I will try 3 and 5 as you mentioned. Since beefus provided a much needed document i see 3 is for fast mode and man does it need that. Its slow compared to my p41's. Took the board out of the dead one and checked batteries. First one was 3.0 but second one was like .24. Awesome hopefully thats all it is. Thanks for the info on the battery mod to i may just do that.
  2. Hey all. Bought two cams last year used from a guy on another forum. I was told they were built by Daryl Crane at Whitetail Supply and 1 season old. They are great builds as to quality and even have the pipe through design. Appears to be a whitetail supply controller board in them. They worked fine last year. HARD to find the documentation on the these boards and dip switch settings since they website is now gone, but I think I figured it out. The issues: Both cams (by themselves) function flawlessly, including flash. 1 of the controller boards will just not power on at all. I believe dip 11/12 on is correct to turn on, at least it works on the other one. But no power on this one. the other one powers on fine. I do some walk by tests and sometimes it will come on and take a pic and flash, then the next time it will trigger, extend the lens, then just close. No pic, no flash. Drives me crazy because it will work sometimes, not the other times. I have tested this over and over. Turn cam off, turn dip switches off, plug cam in, turn on dips...just never consistent in taking pictures. Using new batteries in the camera. It appears the WLS controller board is powered by 2 flat batteries. I wonder if it could be the issue with the one that wont power on. I have tried changing them yet. Looks like I will have to unscrew and remove the controller board to get them out so I havent tried yet. Any thoughts here? I have considered just selling the cams or the entire units unless there is an easy resolution. Wonder if a new contoller could be swapped in such as a SSS but then the sensor may not line up and I will be filling screw holes and making new ones. These are my camera settings • Leave the camera on -program- setting • Exposure Value(EV) set to -OEV- • Focus set to -Multi AF- • White Balance left on -Auto- • ISO set to -400- (S40), 1000 ISO (S600) • Picture quality set to -Standard • REC mode must be set to -Normal- • Flash level set to - + - • P.Effect -Off- • Saturation, Contrast, and Sharpness set to -Normal- • Red eye reduction turned Off • AF Illuminator turned Off. • Date/Time stamp On. • Digital Zoom -Off- • Beep turned Off.
  3. TCountyHunter

    5 Month Set Just Pulled

    yes sir, what a pretty buck!
  4. TCountyHunter

    Nice Late Season Buck

    great buck to see around late season!
  5. TCountyHunter

    Bear Attack Again

    pretty neat..never seen a bear (in west TN). I just cant imagine walking a mile back to deer hunt in the dark knowing there are bears in there
  6. TCountyHunter

    What Have We Here?

    Dunno, but I aint walking through there at night alone! Might get skeered
  7. TCountyHunter

    Recent Photography

    real nice, love the b&w effect
  8. TCountyHunter

    Stopping By To Check It Out

    Looks nice n thick, pic looks good and clear
  9. TCountyHunter

    Photos From Out Back

    Nice, thanks for sharing.
  10. TCountyHunter

    Fawn Feeding

    Neat stuff! Bout time for momma to "cut the cord"
  11. Awesome! I know your a proud dad. My 11 yr old sang Jesus take the wheel with a mic in front of the whole church a couple months ago, bought made me tear up.
  12. Well that sounds about like this spot. More than a handful of times I leave the stand all pumped up after seeing numerous bucks and does to go talk to my dad 300 yards away who saw nothing, or maybe 1 if lucky. However the signs are ALL over the 30 acres. You cant count the rubs, trails, etc on the place, especially where we have stands placed. But during the rut and pre-rut the most day activity happens in the one stand location.
  13. TCountyHunter

    What Are They?

    7 years, wow. didnt know it took that long. Love finding that bow season persimmon tree, but just don't have many around the places I hunt.
  14. TCountyHunter

    How Is The Ammo Population In Your Area?

    Its funny, told a friend at work and he ran off to a different walmart across town, they were bone dry, not even any rifle ammo. Funny how a part of town is stocked and 15 miles away, nothing.