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  1. Thanks bud. Thats pretty much what i was thinking. I miss going out and seeing what was on the memory cards! Kinda like Christmas every time!
  2. Hi guys.... its been a while again since I've been here. I pulled my jazz build out to use it the other day and I was having a few issues. The first was that the jazz 150 keypad was going crazy. I pulled it all apart and cleaned it up (didnt really find anything) put it together with the same results. I pulled the "copper tape off where the keypad is and it seems to be fine now. The other issue I have is that the 3 AAA holder doesnt like to hold the batteries very well. A slight bump while trying to put the cam on a tree makes the batteries move and I have to start over. I can see that the battery holder is slightly bent where it attaches to the BF board and I think that is what is causing it. Is it possible to remove the holder without damaging the board or should i look at trying to put some type of velcro strap on it? Last issue I have is that my array from Jaggermax is not living up to its potential. If memory serves me, soldering those "flat" leds was very sensitive and I know I had messed some up from the get go. So what what are people using now? I see a lot of posts about a BF array but I dont see them for sale anywhere. Any suggestions are appreciated!!!!
  3. I haven't been around for a while and its good to be back! Unfortunately when I went to put out my cameras the other day I had a problem with my s600. It is functioning fine but when you take a picture there is a blur spot in the middle. I have looked closely in the lens and I see no scratches or dirt but I was wondering what I should look for or do. Any help would be great! http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n193/ke...re/DSC04123.jpg
  4. Road Rash Deer?

    I would say auto collision... I hit one last year with my dump truck plow and thats what it did...
  5. Jazz Array Problem

    Thanks guys.... Jagger your a good man! With all the R&D you guys have done and the BS you go through with the suppliers, its no wonder little things slip by on the instructions! I really appreciate all that you and treetop have done!!!! And just think, by the time the new leds get here, my Helen Keller 3-d camo might be dry and I can get it out in the woods!! Thanks Again!!
  6. Jazz Array Problem

    Jagger, I figured it all out but It was too late for the led's by the time I did . I am a very literal person when following directions....especially if I don't know what I am doing in the first place like this. In the instructions you show the resistors in spots 1,2,3,4,5, and 6. Then go on to state that the led's can then be placed to the left or the right bottom 4 positions.... If you place the resistors on 5 and 6, the leds have to correspond to that side of the board. I did not know this and by the time I got this figured out, everything had been heated quite a few times . I got the lights to come on "most of the time" but only after reflowing and they were dim so I'm pretty sure they are shot. So, if you could send me out 4 leds and a couple of resistors that would be great... just let me know what I owe you. Thanks Darn amatures!!!!
  7. Jazz Array Problem

    I just finished de-soldering and putting them the right way and still got nothing..... any ideas? Could I have ruined the leds by having them backwards? Is there any way to test the leds????? Jagg I finally noticed that there is a little arrow on the positive side pad that is a little easier to see than the wire.
  8. Jazz Array Problem

    I wish that was it 212. I'M A MORON!!!!!!! 3 of the led's were going the wrong way!
  9. Jazz Array Problem

    I have a 6v 12 led setup and after completing the board, the bottom four are not lighting. I double checked the resistors and location... and checked that the leds are positioned properly.... any other possible problems I could look for??? Thanks
  10. Let Me Know If You Dont Have Your Array

    Hey Jagger!!! I got mine... so that little pain in your rear should be going away shortly!!!
  11. Let Me Know If You Dont Have Your Array

    Jagg, My order is in my wifes name. Crystal Mercure. Ordered one 6v 12 led kit. I haven't received it yet but I am confident it will arrive soon!
  12. Let Me Know If You Dont Have Your Array

    :unsure: Still nuttin
  13. Bf Wire Question

    Thanks guys! Treetoop, thats what I was looking for! I knew I had seen it but I couldn't find it for the life of me!
  14. Bf Wire Question

    I just received my board and I have a question . I've looked at all the PDF's I could find and I never see anything about where to connect the shutter wires from the jazz. Also, what are the black and red wires coming off of the board for???? These are probably answered someplace but I'll be darned if I can find it!
  15. Best of luck Clay and thanks again for all your hard work! I know what you mean about military hires. I went through this with a large company I worked for. I think they got a tax break for hiring them! Some were great...most did exactly what you said! Again best wishes!