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  1. mikec

    Otter Box

    Someone tried to steal one of my cameras all he got was the latch thank god. Does anyone know of a source that sells the latch for otterbox 3000 thanks Mike
  2. mikec

    S600 Equivalent

    It’s been quite some time since I built a camera last ones I built I used all Sony cameras the p32, 42 and s600. I have been looking for an s600 on eBay but they are quite scarce these days what new cameras are you guys using that compare to the 600 and if you have a link to the hack I would be grateful
  3. dave or chris when you owned bigfoot I think I recall you having a PDF on hacking a s600 my computer crashed and I lost it if you still have the PDF and have the time could you email it to me thanks mike bowhunter2117@verizon.net
  4. mikec

    Bf Aaa Battery Holder

    looks like a MATCH AS LONG AS THE LEGS FIT THE SOLDER HOLES IN THE BOARD http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Eagle-...k%2fLf9fbyJQ%3d
  5. I was looking on SSS for the battery holder for a bf board when Chris (212) was selling he offered them does anyone know if Gary is selling them if not where can I order a few from thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me
  6. mikec

    Prayers For Flintlocker

    Todd please take comfort in knowing your wife is at peace in Gods loving arms. Tess and i will be praying for you and your family
  7. mikec

    Moisture Topic 2

    a friend of mine is a physical therapist he gave me black and dark blue resistance bands I cut them to fit the case then zip tie the ends this stiff is also sold at Wal-Mart Dunham’s and eBay cheap
  8. It’s been quite some time since I built a camera or visited hag’s house. I knew Dave closed up and sold the business to Chris (212), having dealt with Dave I figured he sold it to a nice guy. Chris had helped me many times over the years. Well I got the bug to fix a few older builds so what the heck I’ll give Chris a shot. And I’m here to tell you if you want fast shipping, good prices and the same quality Dave offered Chris is the man. I’m not saying the other board builder’s art first rate they are. What I am saying is Chris has kept the same high standard Dave worked so hard to establish my hats off to you Chris and thank you for your attention to detail on my order and have a very Merry Christmas
  9. mikec

    A Little Help Please

    found this link hope it helps http://www.fixya.com/support/t494877-error...0_sony_dsc_s600
  10. mikec

    Bfoutdoors Vacation Break

    WOW this is a shock Dave no matter what anyone ever says or ever will say your contribution to this hobby has always and will always be appreciated!!!! Best of luck to you sir and a heartfelt thank you for all you helped me with over the years mike Chris I’m sure you will do fine you have always been very helpful. When i built my first camera you helped me and answered every stupid question i posted. You’re a first rate guy and if Dave had to give it up we are all lucky that a guy with your high standards took over. i will be looking forward to your line of boards can i ask are you planning on changing the time options on the trail mode board? Will you keep the trail mode in production best of luck mike?
  11. mikec

    P41 White Screen

    thanks guys
  12. mikec

    P41 White Screen

    I have a p41 that suddenly devolved a white screen I turned it off and gave it a little tap and it was back to normal but I want to fix it properly. Is this problem the same as the s40 clean and reset the LCD ribbon?
  13. mikec

    Delay Shipping Orders Bfoutdoors

    Dave God bless you and your family my prayers go out to you all, your beloved sister is at peace in Gods arms
  14. if im looking to build i bid. i dont bid just to stock pile cameras it drives up prices for those in need of a camera
  15. mikec

    Upper Wi - Coyote Or Wolf?

    hard to say its bigger than most yotes i have seen my vote is wolf