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    Vivitar 2800 With Just 2 Boards?

    First, Thanks to all who have help me with this build. Could someone look at the pic and see if i hooked this 2 board vivitar and slave the right way. I have not put power to it yet don't want to smoke anything. Thanks again
  2. strut&rut

    Vivitar 2800 With Just 2 Boards?

    As always thanks for your help. Does anyone know if the blue (thing) capacitor? in pic 1 does it need to be removed? Thanks again, strut&rut
  3. I need some expert help with this hack was going to use Dkirk mod but this 2800 only has 2 boards in it? I don't know where to add the 470K resistor on the A board since it is different than the other 3 board 2800 mod.pdf. Any help. Thanks
  4. strut&rut

    Name Contest For New Sniper

    Does anyone remember the SSP racers by kenner when you were kids? They were small, fast and fun to play with, if your over 40 you should remember these cool cars. You can Utube them under 1970 toys if you don't know. Lets call them SSP's for Super Sniper Pro or Snapshot Sniper Pro And Yes i still have mine!
  5. Anyone own a Nikon D60 Digital SLR Camera? Looking at getting my first SLR any help ?
  6. strut&rut

    Nighttime Bird

    Looks like a snipe to me.
  7. strut&rut


    Pitcure was taken in southern illinois johnson co.
  8. strut&rut


    Has anyone seen a bobcat with this color and no markings?
  9. Here are a few more pics hope to see this guy in the fall. This is my best Gob pic CHECK OUT MY SPURS
  10. Getting bad pics then some good pics sometimes only seconds apart? Was using P-41 set up my batterys went dead. Dont know what my setting were? any ideas what i did do wrong or why this is happening. Thanks For you Help What you talking about Willis........lol ......What happend on this exposer? this would have made a nice pic. Then I wll get a pic like this everything looks ok A few more good pics then back to this
  11. strut&rut

    Input on new laptop

    Get a Mac and never look back....
  12. My set up was a kit from Whitetail Supplys using p41 going to build a couple more maybe with someone else's boards next time and with external batterys my property is 5 hrs away I can only afford to go there once a month with gas the way it is. I set my cams up in a location where I hope to get some fawn pics.
  13. Hi, I just need the housing dont need the LCD or printed board. Ive broken mine just hope i did not damage camera. Pm me with price if you have or tell me where i can find. no ebay. Id hate to part this cam out. Thanks
  14. I know duck built nest in strange places, but this is in the middle of town in a strip mall with water over 1/4 mile away. Just thought i would share