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    I enjoy hunting (bow, muzzleloader, modern gun) deer and turkey. I have an interest in, and a reasonable collection of, modern military small arms 1871-1955.<br /><br />I am a retired teacher and coach by profession.
  1. Hi guys_I don't have the info before me, but it is almost amazing how much more power C-cells have over AA's, especially with our low draw application, One is almost always better using the largest battery possible. D's are amazing ;) And just the ease of exchanging and keeping up with fewer is a worthwhile goal. Cheers!
  2. You are a lucky man!
  3. You must choose which camera you have attached from the list below Dip 3 & 4. All Dips are DOWN/OFF: With the exception of Dip 5 immediate picture, Dip 11 control board power, and Dip 12 PIR sensor power are left on, 24 hour mode of operation. With these selected, your unit is going to work with the simplest setting available. Is what you have I think and should be best. I ran into problems with these older boards which I think I gave up on. You might try 5/off and 10/on just for kicks.
  4. Six week (already!) check-up today and all is on track. Still a little sore, but the doc was pleased and I'm good for another six weeks. Walking about a half mile now and hoping it continues to improve. At this rate I ought to be ready for deer season!!!
  5. Thanks for that. I might have some more questions when I get hold of it as I know nothing about the dip positions. FYI: Another suggested mod on those boards:
  6. Been sweating for a couple days............
  7. Very nice!
  8. cuz they're catz
  9. Happy birthday Canuck!
  10. Hey guys and thanks. Tolerated the procedure pretty well and was out of the horse pistol in a day. Ticker issue resulted in unscheduled CT-scan, but no major problem at this time. We've had torrential rains (one friend measured over 18 inches in eight days) so it wasn't a bad time to be cooped up. Went to a parking lot yesterday to do 250 yards with my walker and might have over done it just a tad, but will be back at it today. Incision/implant site pretty sore, but joint pain eliminated completely. Staples out the 10th. Update at that time
  11. Boo! It was just a matter of time, but I'm in for hip replacement on Tuesday morning. Thought several other joints might beat it, but my right hip just went out suddenly in early Jan. Tried other treatment to no avail. Coupled with my other health issues, I must admit to being pretty nervous going in. Hopefully it will be a can of corn, in baseball parlance, but if not, well I enjoyed my associations here. I'll check in when I'm on the mend. Randall
  12. Happy belated!!
  13. Happy B-day guys!
  14. Happy birthday Paul!!!