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      Thanks to all who contributed, we collected just under $500.00. I sent a check Monday (8-7-2017) to his wife for $500.00 along with a card expressing Forums condolences. 


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  1. Slave not fully installed, but you get the idea I'm sure.
  2. Yes, the slave has a separate 2C power source.
  3. Ahh still no luck. One thing I wish I knew for sure is that the community slave board has a spot for battery negative which I have connected as you mentioned and then another spot marked F Gnd which I assume mean flash ground, so does that mean the battery negative on the board, or the negative on the board where the strobe and cap. hook up? OK it was the latter and I now need to get the slave arranged in the case to be up and running! Tks Johnny.. BTW, it turned out the three v slave was a Viv 215 I had hacked using Ralph's video a year or so back. I had a FM600 also, but went with the 215 as it would also fit and was a 3v. And yes, the Yeti and slave are powered by four AA's.
  4. They are not on that board any longer (?) and I don't know how to identify them. Plus the white wire on the strobe has come off and I have no clue where it attached without another flash of that type to look at.
  5. Yes barely, if I put the two C holder way over on the other side of the case lid and mount the board vertically. I got that second flash from someone here (I didn't hack it), but the instructions for the trigger wires have??
  6. Hey Johnny-This originally had the baby slave type which was like a normal flash in that it had a separate board, flash, and cap. On the newer integrated type I have no room because of the tab part of the board which extends too far for the bulky p32. Below are the original one that expired and the other similar type with missing wires.
  7. Ok. I had this community board which seems to function as it should as far as I can tell. The original slave was a baby slave which croaked but the only other I have has had the trigger wires come off as well as one of the strobe wires.....sheesh I must be hard on them. I had this previously hacked FM600 3v flash ready to go, but unsure as to how to proceed. Almost all instructions on these buried under tons of minutiae in the search engine or otherwise vanished. No info on the community board I could find and I don't know how to go about using a 3v flash with it's 2 C-cells''s triggered by the 6v community board and Yeti control board. Help plz.
  8. Very sad news. Chris was a great help to me and I held him in the highest personal regard. He was a wonderful online friend and never failed to provide advice and counsel. He wrote in PM's if the issue was personal ,and I felt cheated when he decided to relinquish his role here. This is obviously worse and I extend my deepest condolences to Peggy and his other family and friends. RIP Chris. .
  9. IIRC, Whitetail Supply had a hack for the s650 and s700 which were the same, but were listed separately from the s600 hack, which much mean the hack was different. I also think the s700 was slower and did NOT have the s600 flash cap.
  10. Yep, nice job Jonnie.
  11. Hi guys_I don't have the info before me, but it is almost amazing how much more power C-cells have over AA's, especially with our low draw application, One is almost always better using the largest battery possible. D's are amazing ;) And just the ease of exchanging and keeping up with fewer is a worthwhile goal. Cheers!
  12. You are a lucky man!
  13. You must choose which camera you have attached from the list below Dip 3 & 4. All Dips are DOWN/OFF: With the exception of Dip 5 immediate picture, Dip 11 control board power, and Dip 12 PIR sensor power are left on, 24 hour mode of operation. With these selected, your unit is going to work with the simplest setting available. Is what you have I think and should be best. I ran into problems with these older boards which I think I gave up on. You might try 5/off and 10/on just for kicks.
  14. Six week (already!) check-up today and all is on track. Still a little sore, but the doc was pleased and I'm good for another six weeks. Walking about a half mile now and hoping it continues to improve. At this rate I ought to be ready for deer season!!!
  15. Thanks for that. I might have some more questions when I get hold of it as I know nothing about the dip positions. FYI: http://web.archive.org/web/20081209160003/...IP_SELECTOR.pdf Another suggested mod on those boards: http://www.diytrailcams.com/post/XLP-board-5990858