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  1. Second day of modern gun here in upper South. Have had a great year game cam wise and had taken a smaller 8-pt on opening day. About 3:45 this handsome fellow appeared to my right at about a hundred and ten yards. He moved across the lane and directly away from me, but did not stop. I tried mouth grunting at 140 and he looked over his shoulder and then began to hurry away. I looked ahead of him where the trail turned to the right and knew I would have a quartering away shot at 175 if I could manage it. I sat the scope and waited for him to appear in it, and when the reticle crossed his chest I fired my 280 Ackley Improved and the 140 grain Accubond hit him a little high and back, but he dropped in his tracks. About my best shot in the moving deer category and he was a very passable 10 point, the first good deer I've had in several years. At 68 I was both happy, and relieved and excited, to be involved in our wonderful sport.
  2. Greeting guys. Pretty slow huh? Well I have a s40 which had a white screen at intervals, so I took it apart and did the ribbon cleaning thing so effectively that now it has a permanent white screen. Any solution come to mind? Different screen? (of course the parts bin as no s40 screens, so I guess it is a Ebay thing.) Just that one cable ribbon, right? First one I have had that just went completely out and would not respond to case pressure, cleaning etc.
  3. Yes, don't know how short I got them, but I snipped them.
  4. befus

    Hydro Dipping Cases

    Very nice! I have tried several things, from a memory card case to a rifle stock, and always have little dots on the dipped item. Have to go in by hand and a paint brush and try to dab them in..... Work in progress I suppose, color me jealous.
  5. befus

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Goodness gracious, I just saw this. What a lousy fate for a good family. Prayers to all concerned, but it just stinks.
  6. befus

    Unbelievable, how things change

    Sorry to read this. Thoughts and prayers.
  7. I have an s600 in a build and the flash unit has failed, looking for a replacement, but before I do I need instructions on the process. I thought there were posts about that, but can't find them. Can anyone help?
  8. Can the dip switches (3) on a Game Watcher board be used to set different delay times between pics, or is the delay a pre-set?
  9. befus

    Game Watcher dip switches?

    OK, I guess my next question is how do you choose trail or feeder? The dips, or? It is all good Ralph, I'm just wanting a little delay in there and can't seem to find the info on how to get to that one minute delay
  10. befus

    s600 flash replacement

    Nope, but I just did .....and it worked! Thanks my friend.
  11. Original Simple Sniper with p41. Another of those little 'surprises'. Worked well for several years. New 9v, hack tested and working, board goes through walk test but does not detect motion, does blink to indicate walk test completed, after that....nothing. 9v is not on the board, but the nylon washer is still in place, Be hard to add a new board in the room in the case, and I have zero desire to spend any $$ on a build which should function as is. Thoughts? PIR?
  12. befus

    SS board diagnosis

    R. Backus 5100 South 62nd Street Rogers, AR 72758 and thanks again!
  13. befus

    SS board diagnosis

    Worth a try I suppose. Thanks. Got my addy?
  14. befus

    SS board diagnosis

    No luck. Time to go to Plan B,
  15. befus

    SS board diagnosis

    K. Hack is sound I tested earlier. Will get to the opto dealie and report back as time allows.
  16. befus

    SS board diagnosis

    Not good. 9v showed 8.8 volts to the board after switch turned on; reflow actually got the pir to sense motion on the walk test. Regulator showed a constant 5.07 volts, but no cam function after the board went live. Guess this one may be a goner.
  17. befus

    SS board diagnosis

    No detection on walk test. Board has exterior switch which does turn the board on. Will do on reflow.
  18. befus

    Near disaster with w230 build

    Don't think so Woody. No melted wires. I got it cleaned up and put it back in the field this weekend.
  19. Man, don't know what happened here. Chip in if you have thoughts. One of my nicer builds, built with dgrad's advice and council, is a Sony w230 build with as much as 6 AA's for EP, using a lcd board. Always performed extremely well. I get it ready to go out with a freshly charged BG1 in the cam and all six EP's (two separate three bat holders) and take it to camp, probably set in the cam case for about a week. I open it up to turn on the board and there is slimy gunk all over the back of the case. At least two of the bats had leaked, maybe three. The BG1 was dead, the three AA's in one holder (the leaky ones) were dead, and the other three down to .09 volts. I haven't a clue. Only guess I have is that maybe one of the AA's was bad (they were new, and no I did not check them) and that the BG1 tried to back charge and that the others got over charged and blew and the other three kept charging the BG1 and it kept trying to charge the bad bats, and so on. Any other thoughts?
  20. befus

    Safari PIR

    Got a couple of boards from Ralph. The Game Watcher is up and running. Now the more complicated replacement od a AIO board with a Safari. Space is an issue and getting the wiring attached is much affected by the alignment of the boards. The Game Watcher has this in the description, "Omni-directional PIR that allows the board to be mounted either horizontally or vertically". The Safari info does not. Hoping the Safari board is though, anyone know if it is? [Tried looking for photos of builds, but NO, thanks Photobucket!]
  21. befus

    SSII and fast hack

    Right Woody, My build is very similar to yours including the large diameter pipe through ;) I ordered a Gamewatcher yesterday with the three bat set-up after I read an article on the relative strength of a 9v vs AA's and even AAA's. I know that Ken, the key word was easily......... ;-D
  22. Guess I'm in the dark on this one as I always used Yeti for fast hacks. My Yeti went out on an s40 fast hack build and in the case there is not room for a Bigfoot. I saw some discussion on the SSII being adapted to the fast hack, did that get done? Does Gary have them? Or? TIA.......