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  1. Im open to any offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Guys I am getting out of the homebrew game and have 4 Sony p52 w/slave flashes and yeti boards. I dont know much else about them besides that tbass made them for me and I never could get them work the way I wanted them to. They also have the nice quicke tree attachments on them. 3 are in sea horse cases and 1 is in a wally box. I am asking $150 per cam or $500 for them all and that is alot less then what I got in them. Feel free to pm me or call me at 620-820-9573.
  3. I am willing to take any and all cards although I would prefer 512mb! PM me with what you have and how much!
  4. I am looking to buy 10 or so Memory Stick Pro's or will take Pro Duo's as long as they come with the adapter. Any size from 512mb and up would be great!
  5. Brad H

    What Is Your Daily Job

    I own a small ATM company and work for the Outdoor Channel in my spare time!
  6. Brad H

    Sss Jig/template I Fabricated...

    I would like to buy one also!
  7. Just ordered 3 new seahorse 120's!!!!
  8. Thanks guys! I am glad someone invented auto-steer for tractors or I couldn't bug you guys with all me newbie ???????'S
  9. Title says it all. I'm using the boxes for a p52 with externals and slave flash. Thanks! Brad
  10. Brad H

    Bradh's P52

    Thanks for helping me out!!! Nice to talk to you tonight and learn that I didnt totally screw up as bad as I thought I did!
  11. Brad H

    Latest Build

    That is the best camo I have ever seen!
  12. Brad H

    P52/ Bf Board & Slave Master

    That looks great!!! Thanks for helping me out and going threw it for me!
  13. I would suggest getting i vivitar 2000 or 2800. You will also need a BF slavemaster to run your slave for you.
  14. Brad H

    P52 Ebay Crazy Price

    Thanks for the heads up!!!! I sent them a message trying to have them not ship it. I was bidding on all the p52s and didnt even look at the picture
  15. Brad H

    P52 Ebay Crazy Price

    I won this one a few hours ago!!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...T#ht_500wt_1154