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  1. starlight

    Begin my p41 IR build

    I have 10 p41 doing 5 at the time lol got 6 hack yesterday and finish hack the rest of them today .
  2. starlight

    Begin my p41 IR build

    Going slow but be nice when i am done. Going with 3d camo
  3. starlight

    Begin my p41 IR build

    Got the case drill today ready to go, start to hack the cam tomorrow.
  4. starlight

    Treetop p41 IR hack

    Thank you guys that what i need . I did 6 p32 ir no glass Mod along time a go. Now i have 5 p41 to do for the new build .
  5. starlight

    Treetop p41 IR hack

    I have been trying to find treetop p41 IR no glass hack . Does any member have information where I can find the file.
  6. starlight

    Recharge Batteries

    I been use white Panasonic envelop since 2007 lol so Panasonic eneloop still the best you can get, I will look in to get more eneloop.
  7. starlight

    Recharge Batteries

    Hi everyone Been a long time since I buy any recharge battery , what everyone been use and what do you recommend . Thank you
  8. starlight


    Pm send
  9. starlight

    Half Horse 10 Pointer

    wow very buck
  10. starlight

    Couple Ohio Bucks

    very nice I know you like to get the 1st one lol
  11. starlight

    Nice Buck With S600

    thank you guys
  12. nice bucks pictures from august
  13. starlight

    New Fuji Build Completed

    Very nice built do you sale the lens extension?
  14. starlight

    Free Multi-meter

    if u still have it I sure like to have it .
  15. starlight

    Any Tips On 3d Camo?

    I use Heavy Duty Liquid nail work great