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  1. Tanner

    Upper Wi - Coyote Or Wolf?

    The legs look bigger than a yotes, but what makes me think that it's a coyote is the trait where most coyotes have that white definition running from the lower jaw (bottom lip) to the throat and the face of the wolf (nose, jaw, head) might be all one color. Guess you'll have to shoot it to be sure ;-)
  2. Tanner

    Roe Deer

    Nicely done! It's exciting when everything works out according to your plan and you get such a great picture besides!
  3. Tanner

    Sony P41 Template

    This link will probably work for you.... http://www.easy3dcamo.com/downloads/templates.pdf Sorry for the double post...don't know how to delete it
  4. Here's a young bull that made it through the NH moose season and he was hanging out at a buck scrape we had a camera on recently. He posed for 20 pictures in the mid-day sun and then tripped the cam moving through a couple of hours later.
  5. The flash didn't seem to bother this young coyote as he sat at the edge of the field of view and sounded off.... and a couple of days later....
  6. Tanner

    S600 And Flash Enhancer

    I tried a flash enhanser on an S-40 (which has a pretty decent flash) and got a barred affect on my night pictures, so I can imagine a 600 would even be worse. Also, I have swapped cases with 600's and 40's and they both line up well.
  7. Tanner

    S40 Face Plate

    pm sent
  8. Tanner

    Albino Racoon

    Great catch! Unless that's just a tuft of hair hanging down in the second picture and not what I think it is, I'd say she's nursing some cubbies in a tree someplace. Keep putting food out; it will be neat to see them when she brings them around soon.
  9. Tanner

    The Crapper

    Splash some ammonia or put an ammonia soaked rag in that window well and I'll bet ole Rocky will be looking for a different restroom.
  10. My guess at the bird is adult female redwing blackbird...just a guess.
  11. Tanner

    Glass Choices

    What 12-Ringer said.....
  12. Tanner

    Beware Of This On Seller On Ebay

    Just for s#!ts and giggles, I emailed the seller of the S600 on eBay: Dear ntudor1, Is this a fully working Sony S-600? From your photos of this item, it appears that the camera is on but the lens is not out, and, in the second picture, it appears as if there is an error message on the screen. I'd bid on it but I don't want a parts camera if there is a mistake in the listing. Thank you. And this is his reply to me: It is priced for parts anyway! The camera is in play mode with no lenses out. Sometimes you get that message, but you turn it back on and it works. If you need a perfect camera you might need to buy a new one under warranty. - ntudor1
  13. Tanner

    S 40?

    A lot of things can go wrong when you're inside an S40, but if you take your time and go slow you'll be fine. I've ruined a couple along the way, even after getting two or three under my belt. My problem was with scratching the block; make sure your line over the pins is exactly centered and don't scrape it too wide or else it won't power up or shutter a picture after the wires are soldered, and I even had one just keep on taking pictures after the hack as I held it in my hand. But when everything goes right, you're really going to enjoy the pictures from that particular homebrew. Here's one I got this time last year.....I love my S40s!
  14. Tanner

    Another S40 ?

    I can understand your concern bigbassmann because after doing a half-dozen S40's I just did a fast hack on one I bid off eBay. I tested it in my kitchen in daylight to make sure the flash worked and the pictures looked okay, so I went ahead with the hack and only found out when I left it out one night for a test that all my night pictures were blurry. I've tried it out side of the case with the AF illuminator on and it does help a little but the pictures aren't really sharp. Swapping out lenses doesn't help, either. It's a parts cam now. But if you test your S40 in the dark and you have good pictues, go ahead with the build and forget the AF illuminator.