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  1. I have been out of the loop for a couple years as well. Solar systems are pretty simple in general. You need a solar panel, a Schottky diode, a charge controller, and a battery. For 18650 and 6v sla, I use 6v panels that put out 700-833mah. I forget what the watt rating of them are. I would strongly suggest using the biggest solar panel you can safely get away with hiding. That way you get maximum charge with even limited sun. And having the charge controller assures you need not worry about over charging. And remember solar panels are all but worthless if not in full sun for at least 4-
  2. After getting back to this post. Are you asking about what solar panels? Or what charge controllers? Or everything in general? And what cameras and batteries are you attempting to charge?
  3. I bought a cheap solar charge controller off of ebay. For the SLA batteries. And a charge controller for 18650s as well I am about to head out of town. I will try to remeber to put a picture up next week. Works quite well as a charger as well when fed with a constant source.
  4. I will have to look into Camtrapper. I am not a member there. Thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Both or the external phone batteries I have put out 5.0 volts. Garys email for his website is out of order. Returned my email undelivered. Both the SSII & Bigfoot do run on 5v no problem. Haven’t tried the SSI yet. But neither board draws enough power to keep the external battery from shutting off. If I left the P32 powered on with the screen on, it would stay going. Until the camera shut off after a few minutes.
  6. I need to know if there is dc low voltage limit switch. I want to use an external cell phone battery pack as external power to charge an 18650 in a build. The problem I am having, once the external battery gets the 18650 up to 4.2 volts, it shuts off. Which is great. Only it does not come back on and the 18650 drains and shuts off at 3.4v and the camera is dead. I am playing with a 20k mah external, so i should be able to charge the 18650 at least 6 times. so i need some simple that will open at like 4.1v and then close again at like 3.6v as I believe that will wake the charger back up. I
  7. I need to know if 5v is enough to run the SSI. And is 5v too much for the SSSI and Bigfoot boards. Looking at possibly trying to run them off of an external phone battery. Just don’t want to let the smoke out of them.
  8. Four wires going into an s600 I would assume is a fast hack, to keep the lens partially extended for the faster shutter times.
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