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  1. speed2spare

    New build

    Nice build, and those pictures will surely show what is there.
  2. speed2spare

    What a surprise

    Awesome. Another week or two and you will have them tame enough to pet. 😊
  3. speed2spare

    GoPro Hero 3 Silver Test Footage

    Looks amazing. You sure have plenty of light in there now. Nice video quality as well.
  4. speed2spare

    Backyard Fox Captured On GoPro Hero HD

    Ralph, great job! Awesome camera and very nice bait station.
  5. I agree. Stunning pictures!
  6. speed2spare


    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hoping it’s nothing serious.
  7. speed2spare

    Along the Trail

    Great pictures indeed.
  8. My brothers archery season came together in a spectacular fashion tonight. He shot this 17 1/2" 13 pointer that will score somewhere between 185-200" before and after pictures
  9. speed2spare

    My Brothers Bow Booner

    I would not put too much faith in the actual “number” of P&Y or B&C deer shot in any given state accordi g to the books. My best guess is that maybe 1/4 of the deer shot that qualify for either category actually get officially measured, qualified, and entered into the books. The majority of these deer are shot on well managed private property. And on these properties it usually takes something in the 150” range before anyone in that particular area even cares. And once you have your properties holding these kinds of deer, the last thing most of these people want is their name and county of kill listed for public record. With the internet now it’s just too easy to link up all the information and you flood your area with shiners and poachers and people knocking on every door in the area trying to get in on the action
  10. speed2spare

    My Brothers Bow Booner

    Was shot in Wisconsin.
  11. speed2spare

    Subdivision Deer

    Great to hear you are having some luck! Good luck getting hooked up with one of the bigger bucks.
  12. speed2spare

    18650 for externals on s40

    Correction, I have the 18650 connected to a P32. And no, no diode. The 18650 charges to 4.2v when full. I
  13. speed2spare

    Hunting Apps

    No apps used by me, unless you count the weather app. I bow hunt sparatically until rut. Then hunt as much as possible. Check the wind and pick a stand that works with that wind. The critters are not really sure when they aren’t supposed to be where.
  14. speed2spare

    Finally, some new pics

    Great to have you back out and about!
  15. speed2spare

    18650 for externals on s40

    I have an S600 running off of an 18650. No AA’s. Correction, it is hooked to a Sony P32. Too many cameras and configurations to keep straight I guess.
  16. speed2spare

    Can you see the site and contents

    First I have been back in a while. Seems to be working for me. Thanks for all of your hard work getting us back in action. Your time and effort are much appreciated. John
  17. speed2spare

    Photobucket photos

    I noticed some pictures I had posted on another forum were up a few nights ago as well. I will have to search my old posts and see if they are up here as well.
  18. speed2spare

    Questions Dxg 567v

    Ok, as usual I am about 5 years behind what everyone is or has been doing. I am thinking it is time to try a video unit. Is there any big difference between the 125 and 567 cameras? I am leaning toward the 567 simply for the fact that it uses AA batteries. First build I am looking at plain jane........daytime only no mic will probably add D externals. If the first one goes well, then I am sure IR with one of Jims arrays and driver combo would be next. For the 567V: As the memory cards get larger and have more videos on them does it slow the camera down like say a P32? About how many 15 second videos would an 8gb card hold? About how many 15 second videos would one expect off a good set of NIMH AAs? Can we still get the lens for IRing these without an exchanger?
  19. Lots of headgear still on. I would have thought they would be losing them up this way now. Great pictures as always. Thank you for sharing!
  20. speed2spare

    Old Pixcontrollers

    That is going to be a tough find. I would suggest looking into the Snapshot Sniper board that will control the D380.
  21. Great pictures as usual. And great stories on the harvests.
  22. speed2spare

    1st Deer Pic in the Subdivision

    Great picture! Good luck catching up with him.
  23. speed2spare

    SS board diagnosis

    May I suggest removing your personal info from your post and sending it via pm if Gary doesn't have it already. Too many strange ducks out there to leave it up for everyone to see.
  24. speed2spare


    Ben, I see no video or link to one.
  25. speed2spare

    Bear baiting pics 09-06-2017

    Great story, thanks for sharing it and the pictures with us.