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  1. I'll soon have an extre LE board laying around soon, if you want it. I've been running a couple of Pix boards and never had any issues, but I'm going to try out the BF board with the HPWA and see how that works.
  2. I was considering sending a couple of 1040's to DipNDesign. I see they request that the case be disassembled. Anybody have any tips to make this easier? I tried knocking the pins out with a small punch and grabbing them with a pliers, but I didn't have much luck. The pins are hardened, so they're slippery little buggers. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Been using a couple of homebrews since '06 (a S600 and P41) and finally got one that I had pictures of. I had probably 8-9 pictures ranging from Nov. 13th-17th. Shot him on the 22nd. Didn't know it was him until I walked up to him. I was obviously happy. The before: And After:
  4. I just got my brackets yesterday, so I'm not an expert in their application, but I'll offer my opinion. 1) The reason I chose to buy your bracket versus some of the others I've seen was price and design. While the others do allow more adjustability, they are more complex and do not offer the same security benefits yours does. Some may think $12 seems like a lot for a small metal bracket, but at the scale you're on, they're basically custom machined parts, and that's a very reasonable price. 2) If you intend to create a web-site and sell them from that, I'd make the straps an additional accessory and charge extra. Straps are a fairly easy product to find, so some might not see the added cost as beneficial. 3) I would steer away from mounting them in cases. Then you'd have the added costs of adding cases to your inventory. Additionally, there's a couple different ways to set cases up, so you'd have to take that into consideration. I would look at going the other way, adding a "universal" plate to the bracket. If you bolted on a plate that was large enough to accomodate the commercial trail cameras, you might be able to tap into a larger market. The homebrew market is relatively small (except when your biding on a P41 ), and they're mostly DIY'ers. If you could get this in front of guys that have Cuddebacks, Moultries, etc., you may open a lot of doors. Hope this helps.
  5. xp100

    Lid foam

    Check out Whitetail Supply & Feed.
  6. xp100

    p41 black pics

    jbhunter, My bad fortune might be your good fortune. Last time I checked my camera, I found enough water in it to smoke the camera. I've taken it apart and tried to clean off the corrosion, but I can't get it to power up. It's mostly at the bottom of the camera, though, so the lens assembly appears Ok. Let me know if you're interested. I can take some pictures of it (with the new P41 I had to buy ) if that helps.
  7. xp100

    To IR or not to IR?

    Not to diss any of the IR cameras (I'm just to chicken to try the mods ), but I had a couple of mature bucks come through the area multiple times with my standard flash set-up. Best of luck either way.