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  1. waterman

    Metro Area Bucks

    Looks like quite a difference in body size, nice ones.
  2. waterman

    Hog Deer From Down Under

    Super nice & interesting pics, tks for posting.
  3. waterman


    fork14 - Last pics of Tall Brows was 8-20-10, posting a couple of them. If we get pics after velvet shed, "dead or alive", will post same. Internet is very slow this a.m., so not sure these pics will post.
  4. waterman


    We labeled this pic as "Three of a Kind". Evidently something got their attention, to the right on this pic is quite a steep incline.
  5. waterman

    Two New Visitors Finally Arive

    Good antler height & nice pics.
  6. waterman

    Some Ky Bucks

    Looks like good mass on those antlers. Good luck.
  7. waterman

    Nice Buck

    Super nice, good luck.
  8. waterman

    Count The Points

    S600 does a super job, those are nice. Tks.
  9. waterman

    Beaver House Pics 08-08-10

    Great pics, always enjoy looking at them.
  10. Nice pics & share the respnse of others on the animals & background. Tks for posting.
  11. Very nice pics & bucks, hope they show for you in season. Tks for sharing.
  12. waterman

    This Weeks Trail Pics 07-04-10

    Beautiful group of pics, tks for sharing.
  13. waterman

    Tall Brows

    Been getting pics of this buck for 5 years, these pics were taken 6-28-10.
  14. waterman

    A Family That Needs Our Prayer And Support

    It is difficult to understand, sending our prayers.
  15. waterman

    Fawn And Buck Pics 07-18-09

    Very nice pics, tks for sharing.