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  1. ***SOLD TO DANNO**** Sony DSC-40 fasthack camera with a Yeti control board and dual D battery holder for external power, sold as is but in guaranteed working condition when received. It includes everything you see in the picture including the cards, card adaptors, Ralphs two piece mount, four Eneloop AA batteries and a Masterlock Python cable. Paypal or money order ok, will be shipped by priority mail. http://imgbox.com/nVGfiVKY http://imgbox.com/NpLdO8hX http://imgbox.com/nWbvSNs2
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    No longer available
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  5. The 3D modified build has a molded in pipethru tube and threaded screw for mounting, just needs an SSII and it will be ready to use but should be dunk tested prior to adding the components just to be on the safe side. I have had no issues with either and the flash is good with both.
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    What Do You Guys Prefer? I Need Your Opinions Please

    As long as the CG Micro S40/S600 Fasthack Trailmaster option with no delay, 30 second, and 1 minute delay programming remains available I'm ok with eliminating the other stuff you mentioned.
  7. **SOLD** This is a build I put together in Sept that has been in the field taking great day/night pictures just fine since, no issues. The build was done in an SE3000 case modified with a camo mottled paint scheme and has a pipethru tube in addition to one of Ralphs two piece mounts. Jims fasthack CritterGetter board and dual D battery holder for external power. Asking $175.00 tyd in the lower 48, payment by paypal or money order. Probably best to email me if interested, don't always get notifications here it seems. don-ellenc@hotmail.com Sample shots from the build.
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    Grey Fox

    I know I don't need to tell you how sorry I am for your loss Bob, we both know she is in a better place now. Things will never be the way they were before but I know you are coping the best you can, stay strong my friend and know I am always thinking about you.
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    Bob (dgrad)

    Thoughts and prayers headed your way Bob, very sorry to hear the news.
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    Rc Davis Video Build

    You have become my build hero Joe !!
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    A Viscous Encounter

    Let me get this straight Bob. Fearless fellow former Marine, crew chief/door gunner aboard a helicopter while serving during the Vietnam war, not afraid of bears or Mountain lions while traveling thru mountainous territory day or night wth Buddy at your side and probably more brave acts that we here could never imagine doing. Now your telling us that you woke up a cute, big eyed, 4 ounce tiny flying squirrel who then grabs you by the arm, rips your shirt and pants off, leaves an almost invisible scratch on your thumb that puts you in a VA hospital where your crying on the shoulder of a little of a little girl until a very busy Doctor can apply some ointment and a bandaid. Where and when did you lose your Man Card anyway Bob because I'm not sure they are gonna issue you another one.....lol Semper Fi buddy, I had to do it.
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    The Pee Stump

    I was invited to hunt a new piece of property and during an early spring walkaround this stump immediately drew my attention because its shape, it had four separate and sizeable compartments. I'm looking it over and thinking a four compartment feeding station for use by multiple animals at the same time but with our bait/mineral ban that was dismissed.....but I could pee in each one and hang a camera just for grins. During a May turkey hunt I did exactly that and attraction was quite interesting, numerous does, fawns, and immature bucks visited the stump on a regular basis. Every two weeks since I have been checking the card and re-applying my personal blend and the results have been pretty impressive so fast forward to yesterdays card check, it was more interesting that even I could have imagined. S600
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    Apple Moose

    Very comical to watch the little ones reaction to the apple, thanks for posting Ben.
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    Nice Buck

    Sweet !!
  15. I think this is a G rated site Bob. If I were to show the vid they would need to change it to a PG..lol
  16. I do it because it works, using minerals or bait is a no-no here for 9 months of the year starting in January. A video I put together today from yesterdays card check. Sony W290 https://vimeo.com/180107556
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    Sony H70 Build

    Very well laid out, looks good.
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    Mother And 3 Cubs

    Thanks for sharing Ben, very nice.
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    A Few From The Elk Wallow

    That wallow has sure produced some interesting pictures and vids over the years, can't wait to see the videos that build takes.
  20. Nice Chuck. The last picture, is that a Pine Martin, Fisher, something else ?
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    New Pics

    Very cool, don't recall seeing blacktails in my time on the forum before. Thanks for sharing.
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    New Marsh Camera Trap

    Looks like a great setup, best of luck to you and hope the card is filled with activity.
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    Wife Lung Cancer

    Thoughts and prayers headed your way Ben.
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    Little Guy With Real Spunk

    From one of todays S600 card checks.