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  1. OKCWhitetail

    Selling Question

    Thanks for the help Guys, I'm going to try a lot first for a quick sale, it's going to be way under what I have in these cameras alone, plus you'll get all the python locks, memory cards and random other parts I have laying around. thanks again
  2. OKCWhitetail

    Selling Question

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here in a while. Life has gotten in the way. I was wanting your guys opinion on what I should I do. I plan to sell all of my cameras, I have 10 all together with locks and memory cards. I would say 7 out of the 10 work perfect the other 3 work but would be perfect with some tinkering. Would it be easier to sell them as a lot or should I piece them out one at a time? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks guys.
  3. I'll take the S600 unit if you still have it. Send me a message on how to make a payment. Thanks
  4. Looking for a pre drilled 1040 or something similar with a pipe thru for a P41. Let me know. Thanks
  5. In box is full, do you have any cases left?
  6. I'm looking to buy a couple complete working S40 and/or P41 builds with SSS boards. The only reason why im asking for these is I know how to work on these types of cameras and boards if somethign would happen to them. I'm up to other options also. I just don't have the time to build them with a baby running around. Please let me know what you have and what you are wanting for them. thanks
  7. OKCWhitetail

    Sss Lcd P41 Won't Take A Picture

    Thanks for the help everyone, Befus was right. The shutter wire from the board to the camera broke inside of the insulation. I replaced all 3 wires just to be safe and it works like a charm. Thanks again.
  8. OKCWhitetail

    Sss Lcd P41 Won't Take A Picture

    I appreciate the help. I might unsolder the wires on the board and solder in some new ones. I'm pretty sure the settings on the board are correct, I even tried upping the shutter to 2s-3s but that didn't work either. It's all part of the fun
  9. OKCWhitetail

    Sss Lcd P41 Won't Take A Picture

    Thanks befus, it's nice to get back into things. Sorry, I have lithuims in the camera. I'm kind of rusty, is there a way I can test the wires coming out of the board by putting a meter on them or anything? Thanks
  10. I have a P41 hooked to SSS LCD, it won't take a picture all of a sudden. I replaced the batteries in the cam and the board. I unhooked to camera from the board and when I jump the cables it turns on and will take a pic. When I hook back up to the board it will turn but won't trigger. The board is sensing motion because it's counting them as pics, but it won't trigger the camera. Any ideas? Sidenote: I've been gone for a while, just wanted to say hello and it's good to be back.
  11. Not sure if this going to make anyone mad but I figure this could help some of use DIYers out. Check out mydipkit dot com. Sorry if this offends anyone, I just thought it could be helpful. I'm not affilated with this company at all, just thought it was a cool product.
  12. OKCWhitetail

    S40 In A 1010 With An Simple Sniper?

    Thanks guys, I'm going to take a shot at it. the info has been very helpful. I'll post up some pics when I finish.
  13. Has anyone build one? Is it possible without a snorkel? If you have built one can you please post up some pics. Just wanted to get some info or pointers on the build before I attempt it. Thanks
  14. OKCWhitetail

    Wtb: 2 S40's Hacked Or Not

    No sorry I don't