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  1. Anyone know how to repair one of this cameras that is showing a blank screen and won't record because of a "Cover is not open" message despite the cover being open? Thanks.
  2. How do I wire my Snapshot Sniper up to my shutter Assembly? On the SSS board the solder points are labeled Shutter/Ground/On/Off - Refresh. The Shutter Assembly solder points are C, P and S. How do I connect the two to make my P32 work? Thanks!
  3. smallblockfuelie

    Any good buys on Sony cameras?

    I was wondering if anyone has seen some good buys on one of the Sony camers (32, 40 or 41)???
  4. I am going to use the phone cable/jack to connect my P32 to my Pix Universal Board. My question .... which color wires do I solder where on my shutter assembly? I am using the revurse style phone cable where black is touching Ground?Common on the Phone Jack Port of my Universal Board.
  5. I've got a camera that stopped taking pictures. It is a P32 attached to a Snapshot Sniper and I just placed it in walk/test mode with a brand new battery and the sensor switch on but get nothing. Any ideas from past experiences what is going on? Thanks!!
  6. smallblockfuelie

    whats the consensus on the s40

    That explains it! Thanks.
  7. smallblockfuelie

    whats the consensus on the s40

    The link didn't work.
  8. smallblockfuelie

    In need of a p41 lcd

    Good info Bull, thanks! Do you have a list of what is compatible with the 32's?
  9. smallblockfuelie

    P-72 - Lens wont extend out

    Any way to by-pass the stripped gears and get it to work?
  10. smallblockfuelie

    P-72 - Lens wont extend out

    I've got a P-72 with a lens that won't extend when it is powered on. Any one tackled this problem and found a solution?
  11. smallblockfuelie

    Jumper for non-functional P32's?

  12. smallblockfuelie

    P41's 9 Left Buy it Now $110.00

    He has 6 more ... http://cgi.ebay.com/Sony-Cybershot-DSC-P41...1QQcmdZViewItem
  13. smallblockfuelie

    SONY MagicGate 256MB Memory Stick Pro

    Sweet! I just ordered 2. Thanks.
  14. smallblockfuelie

    Jumper for non-functional P32's?

    Isn't there a way to jumper sone of the P-32's that wont power up and get them up and running again? I recall reading a post about it some time back. I've got two of them here that don't do anything when you try to power them up and thought I'd give it a shot. Thanks guys!
  15. smallblockfuelie

    Any new cameras hacked?

    I have been absent from here for awhile and am curious to learn if there have been any new cameras hacked for trail cams.