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  1. bbahunter

    Nice Late Season Buck

    Me too Roger!
  2. bbahunter

    Bear Attack Again

    No steel box, the bear just pulled it off its mount and left it upside down with the python lock holding it.
  3. The Bears love to screw with my cams in this spot.
  4. bbahunter

    3 More Builds For Sale

    P41/SSS SOLD
  5. bbahunter

    3 More Builds For Sale

    Dxg build sold
  6. bbahunter

    3 More Builds For Sale

    updated prices
  7. bbahunter

    3 Cams F/s

    Mods please close this thread, thanks
  8. bbahunter

    3 More Builds For Sale

    build on the left p41ir/yeti with hpwa, Dcell externals in a coleman case, pipethrough with bark biter type pivot mount in the back. 135.00 tyd. lower 48 states
  9. bbahunter

    3 More Builds For Sale

    Samsung a503ir /ss2 with viv.2800 with externals, plano 1435 case with pipethrough kwikkee mount. 6 volt lead acid batteries for slave. will get inside pics also. 140.00 tyd lower 48
  10. bbahunter

    3 Cams F/s

    p41 ir on the left still for sale