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    Hunting and more hunting, oh, and trailcams. just love to be in the mountains no matter what I'm doing there, metal detecting for nuggets, scouting, hunting, fishing, I could go on forever.<br />I hate politics cause it just pisses me off so I try to stay off the subject.....<br />
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  1. bulltalk.65

    Paradise Fire

    As of this morning, were doing good. wind shift is keeping it in an easterly run which is good because less population (bad for the canyon dwellers and the forest), but it has jumped the river in a few places so it is on our side of the canyon now in small patches which are being worked on for control. They have made it clear, to be ready and packed in case heavy winds shift the fires south again. Its not so much the fire, its the smoke carrying the hot embers that is the primary danger. I hope they can contain it. Last time we had an evac for the dams spillway incident, it was one of the craziest things to see, people in panic mode all trying to leave the town at once created the most ridiculous cluster you have ever seen. There is only 2 main ways out of town and everyone and their uncle was using them and jammed the town up for miles and miles. It was taking about 6 hours to get 5 miles. It is 30% contained and has burned 130,000 acres according to this am's report. Since the wind died down a bit and shifted east again, it isnt so smoky so far today but it has been horrible for smoke. almost as bad as the last fire I posted about back in 08/09. I go outside for a while or in my garage to work on my cams or whatever and come back in and I reek like I been standing over a campfire thats how bad it is. Yesterday I went in the garage and it was hazy in there but thats because I always keep the back door open for the dogs. As far as relief, no idea if there is an end in sight. the gas pumps here are literally like back in the gas crunch in the 70's, lines of cars. Some stations are out of fuel, water and food. I guess thats what happens when you have an overnight influx of 30,000 people.
  2. bulltalk.65

    Paradise Fire

    Just wanted to share here about the fire were dealing with here. It is horrible to see the devastation first hand. Im only 15 miles south east of the actual fire and am in paradise all the time for oncology doctor appts. It is crazy to see that most of the town is gone including one of the best hospitals in CA gone. Im saddened to see so many people that have lost life or home. As of this morning, 43 people have died, burned to death trying to escape the fire. Around 20 died in their cars driving thru the fire to get out. There are still over a hundred missing. 6500+ homes burned to nothing and almost 300 business' gone. Our town of oroville is overwhelmed with the traffic and evacuees. Our church right down the street is now a homeless shelter with thousands of people staying there às are most other places that opened their doors for evacuees. I hope that you all can share a prayer for everyone here that is displaced or lost family. My prayers go out to all the 5000+ brave firefighters and emergency personell that are putting their lives on the line during this time of crisis. To Bob, Jeff, Cindy and Carl, Were praying for you to be safe out there battling those flames. For you all that havent heard or seen, you can go to youtube and type in "paradise fire" or "paradise camp fire" to see details.
  3. bulltalk.65

    Auto on camera

    For you builder coder guys. I have a video cam that im messing with and it doesnt have a power on button, it is directly plugged into the supply. I want to control it with my picaxe control board for on/off like a still cam to save on battery juice. So, Im thinking that I would connect supply volts to the camera and supply neg to a sister board "bat -" and the camera neg to sister board "acc -" then connect the sister board "control board -" and "control board on" to the control board opto, is that correct? Basically connect the camera to a sister board just like any other accesory to turn it on and off ? Or am I off in my thinking...
  4. bulltalk.65

    Picaxe 14m Slave Controller

    Ha, I decided to go back to messing with the board I built and have been messing with it all day. I figured i may as well just double check everything. The board is all wired correct. So lets just check the resistors. Lo and behold, I had a 220k at R3 instead of a 220R. So thiñkin on it, that would reduce the voltage on the trigger side and make it not fire. I replaced it with the correct 220R, plugged it all in and ........... It fired with my w55...... All this time and it was just a simple resistor mistake, the board works and is firing away in the closet... Son of a gun... All this time.... Like you and I both said Ralph, its got to be something simple and it was.. ez overlook on my part, grabbed the wrong resistor drawer.... 😣
  5. bulltalk.65

    Samsung cam

    Wife was cleaning out her closet and pulled a camera out so I was checking it out. It looks like a good cam for use. Its a samsung BL103, uses 2 AA's and standard sd card. It fires up fast and snaps a pic quick with good flash. The flash is a good distance from the lens too. I havent messed with the settings but it fits the bill. Its bout the size of a sony w series (little thicker, 1/8" or so) and has extending lens. Its 10.3mp. the pics and video look good. Ill have to find one and hack it, power and shutter button right on top in usual spot so it should be a simple hack. I looked in here and didnt see it listed but it may be on one of the other sites. Just wanted to pass that on.
  6. bulltalk.65

    Ha, check this out...lol

    I dont know, funny part is its a recent patent..few yrs old...lol
  7. bulltalk.65

    Ha, check this out...lol

    This guy claims to be the trailcam inventor and filed a patent on it. Trail camera patent
  8. bulltalk.65

    Pre Amp with sister boards

    No worries on copyright issues, those circuits are open source. I wish I could help you with the gerber stuff. Im in the same boat. I have a couple circuits I want to do to cause the hand building is getting to difficult.
  9. bulltalk.65

    Action cam

    I hacked the lens for IR and it looks decent/ok for what it is. Ill do a day vid tomorrow and post it and then slap together a little array and do a night vid and post that too... I figured why not, theyre cheap...lol.. i probably will only use the last one I did and build a small vid unit just for a scouting cam. I found an old one in my box so dont need the case for parts.
  10. bulltalk.65

    My New Micro W55/ssii Cam

    I think Dave did a hack years ago on video for that little HP camera, I think it was HP E337 It uses sd cards and was 0retty quick trigger. The flash was good and it uses 2 AA's. Its in here somewhere .
  11. bulltalk.65

    Jazz HDV159 - Ready to start the Build

    Well, didnt get much for pics or video, only a few. One thing I learned on this test with these 3 video units, dont use l ion batteries to run leds or arrays. Even the unit with the 6800 mah didnt last or have enough juice to keep the light at full brightness. So, back to the drawing board and some build reworking ... Lol Did get the one buck that hangs out there on the other jazz but its so dark you cant see him. Im going to see if i can edit them with some video software to lighten them up.
  12. bulltalk.65

    Crazy Video on my Jazz HDV159 test cam

    I have some back road ways to get up there. Although, they are focused on the westside of the canyon. If it jumps the river then our side will get locked down. From the topo map, the fire is approx 12 miles as the crow flies from the tree my cam was hangin on. The 3 different fires kind of are surrounding us to the north. Its pretty bad, the town of paradise is pretty much burned to the ground, even the hospital. We lost all service, no internet or phone service all last evening and today. It all started coming back up and on when I got home around 4 tonite, Its almost the same as the pics I posted of the paradise fire 10 years ago (2008). There in here somwhere too.
  13. bulltalk.65

    Crazy Video on my Jazz HDV159 test cam

    Not sure what your seeing, 2 does walk in front of the camera, headed towards the bright fire in the background in the trees. maybe go full screen. the led's battery was dying so the array doesnt have much light to it but you cant miss the two hindends and tails walking away...lol
  14. As you guys know, I put the cams out a little over a week ago but because of the situation going on here locally with the massive fires I decided to run up and retrieve all my cams today. I just got home a bit ago and was going through the pics and vids from each different cam I had out testing. Now, I hunt in an area east and a little north of where I live, the elevation is 5300 to 6200 ft and and it takes me around 2 hours to get there. Anyway, I only had 2 night vids on the one Jazz with the stock lens that is converted to IR with four 1 watt leds, Unfortunately, the batteries were dying or almost dead when I got them today but it did catch one odd video. You can see below. This trail is a late night travel corridor, the animals usually come down this trail out to feed in the old cut which is where they are headed in this vid. Based on all of my vids and pics, this time frame would be between 10:30 pm and 1:30 am and happened to be last night. Unfortunately, I cant verify the actual time as the time/date stamp on the Jazz was not set. Anyhow, I thought this was an odd video since it not only captured some deer walking to their feeding area, it shows the intensity and brightness of the fire which as the crow flies, is only 12 to 14 miles from this camera.
  15. bulltalk.65

    Jazz HDV159 - Ready to start the Build

    Well I think I may head up to pull my cameras. Its not lookin good with alk the fires surroundin us... Service just came back up so was able to get online here..