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  1. Thank you Tin, I actually had cut it out when editing and forgot to put it back in, but when I left that sunday (sept 6th) within 24 hours my camp spot was gone. If I had not left that day around 5 pm, I would have been trapped. Although I camp right next to a big frog pond, it would not have saved me because when I went by it saturday it was just dirt so when the fire rolled through there it must have just boiled it off. I didnt want to leave that day, I had planned to stay a few extra days after season to reset some cams and move a ground stand but was afraid of how bad the smo
  2. bulltalk.65

    Check in

    Hey guys, Thought I'd come do a check in since I have been off for quite awhile again. Hope to find everyone well. It has been another rough year but I am doin ok so far. Few medical issues but nothing I havent been able to handle or get thru. This year has been hell with the local fires and I know most of you know I live in an area that is becoming known as the fire belt of Northern cali. I did have the chance to get out and archery hunt in august and placed a pile of cams out as usual. Season ended Sept 6th and I was basically forced to leave that sunday because of fir
  3. bulltalk.65


    I have my 3 month check up and dual contrast scan coming up in a couple weeks and it is weighin on me. I know some guys and gals have gone thru a cancer ordeal here and they know the turmoil this dreaded disease brings to the table. I dont talk much about it and for some weeks now have been having recurring pain in my side again. Its not even 1/100th of what I felt prior to the original diagnosis but its enough for it to bring back the memory of all that transpired. I have not said a word to my wife yet because I dont want to jump the gun so to speak. She had a real tough time d
  4. For you builder coder guys. I have a video cam that im messing with and it doesnt have a power on button, it is directly plugged into the supply. I want to control it with my picaxe control board for on/off like a still cam to save on battery juice. So, Im thinking that I would connect supply volts to the camera and supply neg to a sister board "bat -" and the camera neg to sister board "acc -" then connect the sister board "control board -" and "control board on" to the control board opto, is that correct? Basically connect the camera to a sister board just like any other
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