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    Hunting and more hunting, oh, and trailcams. just love to be in the mountains no matter what I'm doing there, metal detecting for nuggets, scouting, hunting, fishing, I could go on forever.<br />I hate politics cause it just pisses me off so I try to stay off the subject.....<br />
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  1. bulltalk.65

    Metal Detector

    I knew that... theres one on my bench... lol
  2. bulltalk.65

    Metal Detector

    what is a barlow?
  3. bulltalk.65

    Auto on camera

    Hi Gary, Actually I didnt,.. hadnt given much thought to the switch being a problem since the cam functions like it should through all board operations (day vid/night vid, leds on, mic on etc) so will check that out..It may just be the way I wired it so I'll have to go back thru the whole thing to see what I can come up with. stuffs just not as easy as it use to be...lol
  4. bulltalk.65


    Yeah, you are right Tinhorn.. Its always a mind game, when you think on it you worry and worry can be just as bad as a disease... Thanks speed2spare, I'm hoping its just ghost pain myself.... 😉 Good info kdornski, thanks for sharing that.. I have a pretty strict diet I follow, cut out all sugar/processed bs and eat more veggies and fruits then ever...lol Thanks Vic, I work on the positive thinking everyday... Sorry to hear you went thru that with your mom. It really has to stink for family members because they witness/see the daily change and degradation like my wife did... I personally didnt really notice it much until I became really weak and lost the 90lbs, then it became really apparent I was in trouble.. I thank God everyday for the world class surgeons and nurses that took good care of me at UCSF.
  5. bulltalk.65


    I have my 3 month check up and dual contrast scan coming up in a couple weeks and it is weighin on me. I know some guys and gals have gone thru a cancer ordeal here and they know the turmoil this dreaded disease brings to the table. I dont talk much about it and for some weeks now have been having recurring pain in my side again. Its not even 1/100th of what I felt prior to the original diagnosis but its enough for it to bring back the memory of all that transpired. I have not said a word to my wife yet because I dont want to jump the gun so to speak. She had a real tough time during the 18 months of me going from a normal, active, working 240lb guy to a lifeless, pail gray, frail 150 guy bed ridden. Not askin for advice, just kinda venting I guess. This crap is on my mind 24/7 and having been pretty much cut in half am reminded every minute of not only what it has done to me physically but how it effected my wife, sister and friends. I try to stay mentally positive about it. I actually learned a little self hypnosis trick years and years ago, posting little sticky notes in well travelled areas that you conscientiously dont see but see sub contiously so I keep little notes everywhere for myself as a reminder to keep positive. Anyway, if any of you guys/gals have experience in how you deal with these type of things, id love to hear about it with whatever you want to say. I Hope everyone is having a great day and an awesome holiday season.. 😊
  6. bulltalk.65

    Auto on camera

    Hey that would be cool.. where do you hunt in cali? Im in nor cal, hour north of sacramento. Youll have to message me before this coming season. Im hopin to be in better shape next season so i can put in for the zone i usually apply for. Already have 2 pts so i should be guaranteed a tag next season.
  7. bulltalk.65

    Auto on camera

    Yeah , maybe if we come up with something really cool people will come back to pep this place up again.. I'll keep doin it, all I have is time on my hands so Im gonna just start workin out ideas and see what I come up with...lol That would be cool if we were all closer... would be some fun brain stormin sessions thats for sure....lol no worries brother, helping me is seeing others posting back with replies, that makes the time spent messing with this stuff worthwhile especially if we come up with something that works for everyone to try out.. It would be fun hanging out, like mentioned above, it could bring some whopper ideas to the table with a good group all brain stormin together and learning things at the same time..,,,
  8. bulltalk.65

    Samsung cam

    I'll get another one and we will figure it out, if it doesnt work then I guess we keep looking.... 😉
  9. bulltalk.65

    3 PIR Circuit

    So, now that finding the commercial pir setup wont work for how I need I'm just going to draw up my own circuit for a 1, 2 or 3 pir setup and set it up to plug into my own control board so it will have the option of choosing to use a single pir for straight ahead standard build or use 2 (one on left and one on right) for faster startup of a slow cam or dual cam or use all three, the left and right for fast cam on and the forward one can fire the shutter.... lots of possibilities..
  10. bulltalk.65

    Auto on camera

    Man, years ago the above would have had numerous replies within hours, now its been over a month and nothing.. Thats really sad to see.. 😞
  11. bulltalk.65

    Samsung cam

  12. bulltalk.65

    Samsung cam

    Well, I picked one up and tore into it. Thought I had it, in fact I dock'd the whole hack but somehow had forgot to double check the shutter hack before re-assembly. After testing it, I was thoroughly confused. The power button was simple, thought the shutter button was simple too but, it has some sort of 2 stage shutter button. so just touching the shutter + to shutter neg did not fire the cam, it basically readied the shutter button. I tried attaching a wire to each of the other 3 corners of the tactile button but it still did the same thing, no pic. I started to check traces around the switch with my probe and followed one to the other end where there was a test pad and hit it with my probe and boom, blew the cam up, it popped big time and actually blew a chip off the back panel. Not exactly sure what that pad was for but it definitely is not one you want to probe.... 😞 So off to the trash it went. As soon as I get the chance to pick another one up I will and then will try it again. There must be something in the shutter button or some connection under it that controls the final push for shuttering a pic but it looks like dis-assembling that portion of the switch board may be very difficult or possibly impossible, I will try again though, It takes great day pics and the night pics with the flash seemed really good along with 2 AA batts for power and standard sd card, it would make a nice trail cam if I can figure it out.
  13. bulltalk.65

    Along the Trail

    Nice pics. That bobcat, after comparing the side by side images from the july pic and the october pic, that is definitely the same bobcat without a doubt based on the markings on its legs.. what are the odds of that same cat standing in almost the identical spot looking at the cam with the same pose... thats a trip.. edit - lol... was looking at the image again and saw the text written below the image, guess I got glued in on the photo and forgot to read..... 😉
  14. bulltalk.65

    Finished up latest build - Sony W30 w/ Slave

    Trevor, I sent a copy over this morning via yet email...😉 Thanks John... I'll do a video here in the next days and post it too..
  15. bulltalk.65

    XMAS wish list.

    Just to continue to be cancer free, that will be the greatest gift of my life...😉