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    Hunting and more hunting, oh, and trailcams. just love to be in the mountains no matter what I'm doing there, metal detecting for nuggets, scouting, hunting, fishing, I could go on forever.<br />I hate politics cause it just pisses me off so I try to stay off the subject.....<br />
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  1. bulltalk.65

    Video cams - what's new

    Update: I found somthing interesting . The jazz hdv159 is a nice fast video camcorder and can be used for IR or standard. I found that the Coby hd5002 is the identical camcorder. You DO NOT want the Coby 5001 or the 5002S. Unless of course fireup to record is not an issue. Also, you DO NOT want the Jazz hd149 either. It is slow and is the same as the Coby5001 and 5002S. Sylvania also has the Sylvania 720p which is identical to the coby 5001, 5002S and the Jazzhdv149. The Good = Jazz HDV159 (2 second cam) CobyHD5002 (2 second cam)
  2. I had already IR hacked the 159 with plans for a new IR unit with 1watt luxeons.. I had also planned to do a white light video unit and just did the test with the IR hacked cam just to see how it would use the light and focus. Dive in Berniebac, the hack on the DV150 isn't to bad, just take your time with it... The dv150 has about a 5 second fireup to record but if you use a driveway alert for a remote sensor you can set the remote PIR up trail to trigger the cam and have it going. Unless it's for a feeder/bait setup then it probly won't matter to much.
  3. Thanks guys. I think it will work. I'm going to try to use some different diffuser material from a flouresent light to see if it will help reduce that spotlight right in the middle. The diffuser that came in it seemed to focus each beam and it really had a spot in the middle. This is the light I picked up. 6" 30watt cree driving light They have another one that is a 4" 60 watt with 20 cree LEDs, going to try that one too, it's only 11 bucks..
  4. Thought I would test this jazz hdv159 with a bunch of different lenses and light combinations to see how I want to use them in a build. This jazz is IR hacked, I removed the stock lens and lens base, used a bb233 lens barrel and modified it to fit and used the standard 3.6mm lens that came with it. I wanted to test it in bright day light and then test at night using a 12v white light I found. It doesn't look to bad considering I hacked the hec out of the bb233 lens base to make it work. You can see it doesn't/isn't focused around the edges but the main frame/center looks pretty good. The light I found was 16 bucks on ebay from china. It has 12 bright white leds (also has 4 blue) and seems to be pretty bright, runs on 10v to 12v. I have never used a white light on a trail cam other than white flash still cams so thought it might be interesting to see animal reaction to a day lit night time video. Anyway, both test vids below..
  5. bulltalk.65


    I would love to see them so I'll check them out.. Have you tried YouTube or Dailymotion, if you don't like YouTube use Dailymotion, it's just as easy and is a nice video sharing site. Hate to say it but Photobucket sux and always has and now they want to rape people with a monthly payment. That's why most of the pic and vid links in here are dead and no longer showing.
  6. bulltalk.65

    New Vid Build Started

    All day venture to get this board done... Running into the same issue as always, PIR does not want to cooperate. But other than that it's running and going through the full code, power up and down, shutter, day/night, array (using led for testing) and preamp with dips for record length and delays. There is always something off with that glolab PIR circuit, pain in the arse. Running the picaxe off a 9v with 5v regulator for primary power. Getting 4.7v @ pin 1. The lm324 out gives 3.4v so my PIR SHOULD trip high. Tried high/low both but it still acts up even using a fresnal. Anyhow, it's working, just need to get the PIR portion figured out to keep it from tripping.
  7. bulltalk.65

    Crypto currency

    Lol... Yeah, with the crypto you definitely have to do your due diligence and research before dropping any dime. I'm in about 12 different cryptos but there is 1 I'm most interested in and believe it will be a really good investment long term. I'm holding for 36 months then I'll see where it's at or how it's progressed.
  8. bulltalk.65

    New Vid Build Started

    It will consist of the typical, using one of the fast jazz cams hacked for IR, mic and array. I think I'll use the 1050 box to stick it in like one of my old builds. The board is (will be, it's half done) homemade and uses the picaxe 14m and coded to choose from 2 different video length and 2 different delays. I'll hydro the case in the tree bark camo. The array will be either three or four 1 watt luxeon stars using the cold fusion 6v 5 watt driver. I need to put together a string of 3 and 4 leds and do another night test with the cam to see which will work best since the lens hack was extensive. You can't use the square barrel lens base, it just don't fit so have to remove the lens barrel and notch the bottom to fit right. Day focus is beautiful but still need to double check the night.
  9. bulltalk.65

    Project 3 Eye's

    Thanks John... Well I learned the hard way with letting things get to me and how much it effects you in everyday things. Life is good now, I have a completely different mindset these days so it's a joy to just wake up every morning and hear the birds chirping, God has a way no matter how bad it may seem. I'm an outdoor guy and grew up hunting and fishing and spending lots of time in the mountains because of my dad, sure do miss him. It is a blessing to be alive and every extra day I have to enjoy it, is just amazing. Was working on the code for this project for a couple hours yesterday, it's looking like I'll have my hands full since the old code isn't working with the new chips which kinda stinks but it is what it is...lol
  10. bulltalk.65

    Crypto currency

    Lol.. crypto has been around since 06 then came alive to public in 09 with Bitcoin. Amazon is getting ready to accept crypto as a payment form, as matter of fact they just recently purchased 25 domains related to using their own crypto, although nothing announced publicly. Google, microsoft, apple and a slew of others are already on board and backing crypto and are preparing for payment acceptance. Digital currency is coming. We even have some local stores that accept bitcion.
  11. bulltalk.65

    Crypto currency

    I agree with ya on 90% of that. Now that the government is involved though, I believe it has huge growth potential. As far as actual banning, I haven't seen where any was actually banned, only how it's being mined and in specific communist countries. Most have adopted it and like China, it is full scale. We even have crypto ATM machines out here in CA...lol, I used one in San Fran last time I was down there for medical appts. Kinda weird but cool too.. I put in a decent sum and I've had huge growth on multiple cryptos that I hold over the last 24 months. I sold a pile during the huge end of 2017 pump and did really well with a sell in January (way way more than quadrupled my money on one crypto), I bought 1500 @ 0.04 and sold all @ $3.45, reinvested some of that in to multiple others. I try to do good research and only buy low supply (under 500 mill total supply) and that have good to excellent working use cases or a working existing product that solves a real world issue. There is a ton of them that will just disappear with the wind but that is with anything in the real world. I figured what the heck, if I can put some money in my pocket or leave something for my woman to live on and bury me then it's all good. Any or all investment has volatility and risk, you just got to be willing to sit back, unemotionally attached and let it ride and hope for the best.......😉
  12. bulltalk.65

    Lighted Nocks?

    Old topic but still relevant. I've used nocturnals and lumenox. I liked them but as mentioned most shots were taken in bright day. So, depending on your quiver size, I did half standard knock and half lighted nocks that way in day hours I just used my standard nocked arrows and if it was twighlight or dusk I could just grab one of the lumenocked arrows. (6 arrow quiver with 3/3).
  13. bulltalk.65

    Crypto currency

    Anyone here into crypto currencies? Thoughts on investing, have you done good with it? Are you thinking about it? I turned down buying some Bitcoin from a friend back in 2015 and now in hind sight that was a mistake...lol I threw a bit into it early last year and it's doing pretty good. Just curious to see if anyone else here has invested. Wondered as well if and when the board sellers would be/will be excepting crypto as payment.
  14. bulltalk.65

    Project 3 Eye's

    Lol.... Not 20 but around 10 years. I bounced for awhile. Had seriously over worked myself as a manager running 2 portions of a large business doin 12 to 14 hour days 6 days a week for a few years, had major burnout, then lost my job to the economy downturn, went thru a divorce, lost my house and went belly up financially so all this stuff went to the wayside for a long time. It took quite a few years to get back on track and stable again. Then in 2016 had the bad cancer diagnosis so am now on permanent disability because of the damage the chemo and surgeries caused so am basically retired now so I have WAY TO MUCH time on my hands..lol Originally They gave me a 45% chance of getting in another 3 to 5 years but they changed that after the 2nd cut n stitch to 30% so I want to try to do some things that I either never finished or wanted to do. I'll plug away at it, I have the board layed out, just have to get the mind set of getting the iron hot and start wiring it. The rest of the basic layout is in my head so that part will be pretty easy. Getting the soldering done is the hard part now since my hands (fingers) are numb from the chemo. I think I have around 90% of the code done, just need to sit down and get it all put together and tested once the board is done...lol
  15. bulltalk.65

    18650 with Built in USB Charger

    Well that's kinda cool but 85 bux for 6, whew, way to much..