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  1. My 2011 Archery Buck

    Great Buck & from a blind.
  2. Ohio Buck Down

    HunterTom, I check his teeth and they were ground down quite a bit. I would guess he was at least 6.5 years old. What was really strange is he had many busted tines and scars and cuts on his head and face but his ears were perfect. Thanks
  3. Hi all, it’s been awhile, Thought I would share my good fortune. I’m not much of a writer but I always enjoy everyone else’s stories so I’ll give it a try. I was on evening hunt the night before Thanksgiving just watching two small buck feed and do some playful sparring about 15 yards from my stand. The sun was starting to set and I only had about a half hour of legal shooting light left. All I was thinking about is how am I going to get out of the stand with these two under me. Then the larger of the two started to act on edge and walked off. The small buck just kept feeding like he didn’t have a care in the world, this went on for a few more minutes then something behind me got his attention, he got stiff legged and backed up staring straight behind me then turned and trotted off. I looked to see what had scared him and all I could see was tines moving through the oak branches along the edge of the woods. He was 20 yards behind me and to my left. He's closing fast, I really couldn’t tell if he was a shooter or not just too much stuff in the way. At 10 yard he came into a clearing, he just didn’t look wide enough ( I read some ware to always look at the spread first, is his rack wider then his ears) but he had mass and tine length. I had to go with my gut feeling, it just seemed right. He was now directly to my left at 15 yards, he stopped and smelled the ground where the small buck had been feeding. I don’t remember drawling the bow back, I settled my 20 yard pin on the bottom of his chest and that was it. Double lunged and ran 60 yards then walked a little and laid down to died in the soybeans. Thanks Jeff
  4. Buck Down

    Eric, great job, I couldn't tell how wide he was in the cell phone picture. Really nice buck.
  5. Its Been Ask I'm Sure

    I picked up a Harbor freight Gasket Hole Punch Set a few years ago that work great for this, nice clean holes. I checked their web site but could not find the kit I have but eBay has some for cheap.
  6. Aging A Deer

    my frig is your frig. you know you dont to have to ask.
  7. Naming Contest For New Sniper

    I would like you to pick the top ten or even just pick the name that you think fits the board best. No hard feelings from me, I’m just happy to be here.
  8. Name Contest For New Sniper

    1. Snipe-it 2. American Sniper 3. EXACTO ("EXtreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance") 4. Secret Weapon 5. Sniper Scope 6. pirate killer (sorry but I could not help myself) 7. snipe
  9. Aa Battery Organizer

    Got these from the Container Store. I have two marked charged and two marked used helps me stay organized. http://www.containerstore.com/browse/Produ...mp;PRODID=67909
  10. Hoyt Viper

    So did you bite the bullet and get it all dressed out? I would take the Hoyt off your hands but my 3 year old needs a little more bow then that. Just joking, that has been a great bow for you and for 200 buck would make a great bow for some else. Don't forget you just had a new string put on in 08.
  11. Hoyt Viper

    That didn't take long. Here's a link to your new home. They have been waiting for you. http://forums.mathewsinc.com/ He just got a DXT for his B-day
  12. Cover For The Bg2

    Thanks Hags, pm on its way.
  13. Cover For The Bg2

    still looking. thanks
  14. Happy Birthday To Bucksoh(34) & Bap(36)

    Happy Birthday to you both. Eric get out of the woods with that smoke stick and let arrow some doe's.
  15. Cover For The Bg2

    Hi, I'm looking for two BG2 covers. If anyone has one or two to sell please pm me. Thanks Jeff