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  1. Security Box

    Thanks guys
  2. Security Box

    Hey guys, somewhere I came across a topic where someone was making security boxes for homemade trail cameras I think they fit the 1020 cases, and I'm thinking they where a quick disconnect electric box. Anyone know what size that box was or is. Thanks
  3. ****all Sold****assorted Finished Cases

    Ok should have the payment
  4. ****all Sold****assorted Finished Cases

    I'll take it. Pm me info thanks I can do PayPal
  5. ****all Sold****assorted Finished Cases

    Very interested in the partial build if it's still available.
  6. Jazz Build

    Ok thanks
  7. Jazz Build

    Hey guys its been a while... the last build that I done was a day only jazz, and that was back when they first got hacked. I happen to have another jazz on the shelf that I bought at the time and would love to have a day video, night pic. Can that be done? And if so is there anyone that I can send it to and have one built I just don't have the nerve to tackle the lens part. I would love a complete build if possible